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Holy Sheep Shit...
Very Nice 👍

Very cool alpha. Can't wait to try the full thing


It had a full release least year. You can find it on steam.

this is a nice game


HAT Switch is completely unrecognized by the game, any solution? (using T16000M)

Do I have to pay for it on steam even though I already paid for it on here?


So, will we get steam key after game release?


I would like to know aswell.


Do we?


Send an email with the email you used to donate to
We'll hook you up with a Steam key.


So, will we get steam key after game release?

Does it have a multiplayer component and, if not, is one planned?


Finally...after years of disappointment, Project Wingman will be released on December 1st! Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

 4GB는 만만하게 볼 것이 아니다

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60 FPS on medium to high settings on my setup, guys. Due to this, I think I'm getting it once it comes out for real.

Intel i5 4590 3.30Ghz


GeForce GTX 760 2GB

The demo is promising, but for me, the game keeps crashing whenever I try to run a demo level, even when I set the graphics settings as low as they can go.

it runs just fine here but if you have old system and poor videocard it might get you in trouble yup


I love this game <3


I'm Looking forward to the full game. I'm excited for what story you came up with and wonder if you're going to have an enemy ace though out the campaign. I see heavy inspiration from Ace Combat while making it your own game. All in all I'm sure to get it and look forward to flying either the F-14 or F-15.

God damn, that looks really promising!


Brilliant fun, just what i was looking for, and i look forward to the full development, good luck raising the rest of the funds that you still need guys, full respect to you all who are working on this.

so far that i have played, which obviously is the demo lol, it works just fine, after i worked out how to set up the controls to work just with the keyboard, the graphics are wonderful and the action on the aircrafts are great, im finding the 3 quite easy to fly too.

again im rubbing my hand whilst waiting for it to be published, and will be tracking it...

OH MY GOD! I kinda like this one.


With the addition of Humble Games coming on board and picking up the slack, I'm actually (somewhat) hopeful that Project Wingman will finally be released "this summer". That's about the best news I've heard yet. So now we wait...again.

Wow ...... Guys Salute you. Game is awesome, and it’s just an Alpha demo. Can’t wait to see the game in final build. Controls setting are really good and hope to see more options in final build.

i though this was supposed to be VR supported?

The 0.4.5 Demo is very old, and was built right before the VR update. VR is going to be in the final build.

Hi ! Thanks for the reply ! I found your game from a video review for VR titles and was suprised as the reviewer made it sound like he had played the game in VR already ! Looking forward to it :)

Uh, it's not my game. It's RB-D2's. I'm just following into his development pretty deep. 

I suggest you join his Discord server for more weekly/monthly updates.

hey MX,  can you send me a Discord invite...   CapStar362 #2210

It's right up there in RB-D2's Project Wingman main page.

@tuomaspap I am the reviewer you may be mentioning. I played the game in VR using pc tools that simulated VR. Its not as good as the real thing but it was very close. 

This demo is amazing for a demo. But, there are some things that I don't like. All of this is my personal opinion so just take it lightly. It doesn't mean that the game is bad or anything. The first thing that I don't like is there is no high g maneuver and post-stall maneuver. This makes the planes feel more sluggish, made the gameplay slower, and less fun. The second thing is that the clouds are not as good as Ace Combat 7. I feel that the clouds are there just for aesthetics and don't have a gameplay purpose like in Ace Combat 7.  The clouds also feel bland because of the small size and not as fluffy as the one on Ace Combat 7. The last thing is the graphics. The graphics are not bad but the colors are just too warm for my taste. Also, the plane texture of this game is very flat with no details. There are no decals or markings or even emblems. 

Now the good things about this game that I like over Ace Combat 7. The first thing is I like the way you choose your payload and weapons. You can bring more than one SP weapons depending on the weapons and the aircraft. The other thing is the FOV and how much better is it over Ace Combat 7. The last thing is that the EXPLOSIONS in this game are AMAZING, way better than Ace Combat 7 making this game feels more alive. 

Please note that I am kinda new on this  jet combat arcade kind of games. My first game of this genre is Ace Combat 7. But, I play war thunder, FSX, X-Plane, and all kind of flight simulator except DCS because I am too lazy to learn how each planes works and I don't have a HOTAS, I play with my PS4 controller.

In conclution, I still going to prefer Ace Combat 7 over this game. But hey, it is just a demo and a very old one so.... I don't know how will the released game will be. I  hope that the story mode is going to be as good as Ace Combat 7. The biggest dealbreaker for me is that there is no high G maneuver and post stall maneuver. So I hope they will add it to the final game.

High-G/Post-Stall Maneuvers are confirmed to be in the final build half a year ago. Much of its updates are announced on the Project Wingman Discord.

Also, if you love Ace Combat 7 so much, I suggest you play all of the previous games (except Assault Horizon, Advance, Northern Wings, & Cross Rumble/Assault Horizon Legacy). Despite being the pinnacle of AC gameplay, AC7 leaves out a lot of older features that were good (massive battles in AC6, Wingman command in AC5 & Z, Wide selection of planes in AC5, etc.).

Also, AC7 has probably one of the weakest story in the series--due to its multiple change of project leads & an eventual rush in development (very evident in the Strider part of the story). Only AC6 has similar issues narratively. No doubt if Wingman sticks to its Mercenaries-type story, it'll do far better. 

I am currently playing ace combat 4. I also have ace combat 5 ready. But... there are also no post stall maneuvers and high g turn on 4 :(

High-G exists only on 6 onwards, while Post-Stall exist on Assault Horizon (scripted) and 7 only. 

That said, at least you can experience how AC originally plays out. Despite it feeling mechanically outdated, there are some minor details in its mechanism that AC7 purposely downgraded to entice AC7 players into fully using High-G, guided weaponry, & plane modifications. 

Once you finish the PS2 trilogy, don't forget to check out the original PS1 trilogy too. Despite not having SP Weapons there, I guarantee you'll feel more sense of speed & a less Hollywood approach of storytelling in there--something we may see a return with RB-D2's Wingman. 


will it be free ?

I don't think so, but won't have a expensive price, that I can be sure.

I love the game. Beautiful graphics, fun gamepla. I honestly like it more than Ace Combat. All I want from it now is to be able to play with the F16.

The lovely Viper is so under-appreciated in 2010s Ace Combat installments, that it now serves the same role as the old Tigers & Phantoms.

Hopefully Wingman changes this, especially with the highly customizable weapon racks.

I cant seem to open the game to play it I extracted the files and yeah

awesome simulator :)

It's an Arcade Flight game, not really a simulator.

ups, :)

Any VR in the works?

Will new aircraft be unlocked in tech trees such as AC 6 and AC7 or the old AC way unlocked by the game point when player go through each scenario. 

Is there be any the original jet made by the developer? Such as AC ADF series.

Have you read the previous messages about getting reply’s??

It needed to be said and even though many feel the same way, I doubt that a reply will be made or attempted. So sad.

The demo is awesome...but, why have the devs decided not to interact with the many hopefuls who have waited years (?) for information since the demo. They fail to stay in contact with the many who are wanting some (any) information on progress.  This "to me" is somewhat of a bad reflection on the developer who has not answered any questions or provide info on updates, and this has been reflected by many others.  Why can't they post a small update once a month (or even once every quarter) is beyond me. Sure, it's just one guy but damn, how hard is it to type a small update giving us some hope that this is still a viable product. Where they are on development? When is it expected to be released? It makes me wonder "IF" the game ever comes out, will you ever get replies to questions or problems then? Considering the history of not replying, it makes me very skeptical about future support (since it's just one guyif you have questions or problems. Love the game, and I think it may be a real winner, but it's very frustrating not to hear from them (even on Discord) over such long periods of time.  It wouldn't be the first time something (like this) got this far, and then it turned out to be vaporware. I'm hoping that isn't the case since it has so much promise, but without any information from them, who knows how long it will be.

Thank you for putting this in to words.

Even tho i thought this would be a bad ripoff of Ace combat i'm positivly suprised and have been loving it. This is a very good game that can stand for itself because it doesnt feel that much like ace combat and has its own game vibe, which i can definitly see myself playing alot :D To the devs: Dont mess it up with trying to get alot of profit out of skins and dlcs, alot of free content with a dlc here amd there that u have to pay for would be good. and listen to the community, i've been reading some comments here which mention things that are great and which are to be improved, so i'm not going to list everything i experienced because it's already been said.

Tho here are some features i'd like to see:

- A free flight mode with a big open world and alot of airports, aircraft carriers, easter eggs ,secret spots and rare occurings

- beeing able to land in free mode without having a cutscene like ace combat has (could also be implied to the campaign and other mode (maybe to get your aircraft fixed after taking some damage or even change your aircraft in game in a hangar, u just need to get there without beeing killed)

- randomly appearing ground troops in free flight that need support or randomly appearing bandits ( maybe some rare here and there unlockings, like a secret skin or something after helping them out or shooting the bandits down. And a penalty if u dont help them )

- a large variety of multiplayer modes 

- being able to play the campaign as CO-OP with a special CO-OP difficulty just for that or a seperate CO-OP mode

That's all, hope ya'll stay healthy and safe and have a good day :D looking forward to the full release ! 


this is not DOWNLOAD admin pls hlp .d

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Processorr: AMD ryzen 5 1400 quad core processor  3.20 GHz.

Memory ram: Mushkin Redline Series Ddr4 Dram 8GB.

Windows: 10, 64 bits

Graphic card: PULSE RX 550 2G G5

Mother Board: Asrock A320-HDV


Man, it's an alpha.... It WILL be prettier and more optimised for the final release...

Totally agree with ShinySky

Maybe its your GPU, a 2GB card probably can't run a game like this, maybe actually get a better modern GPU?

My 2GB card pulls locked 60 FPS, a GTX 760 2GB.

Suuuuure it does. Suuure. I highly doubt a 2GB card gets 60 FPS constant and not 15-30 FPS constant. 

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I had to tweak down clouds and some effects, but texture and model detail is on ultra. I get 60s with VERY few dips to 50s(I don't even feel it slowing down to 50s).

Remember it's one guy doing this in their free time not an entire dedicated game studio with dozens of PAID employees

agreed but at least he could type some info for people who are waiting for this game, its like giving a cookie for the dog and dont let him eat it lol

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better check your system and start with your videocart which is verry poor, i have everything on ultra and it runs like a race car

aorus 570 ultra

ryzen 7 3700

power supply: corsair 850w

16gb 3000 mhz

rtx2070 gaming 8 gb

x56 pro rhino hotas 

Runs like a racecar on mine too, just had to turn off extra features. GTX 760.

You need more RAM....min 16GB

Video min RX 570 or better (2GB isn't going to cut it today)

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Runs fine with 8GB if you just turn off extra graphical features. And a 2GB video card can pull it off with locked 60 FPS.

Look, man. My setup is way weaker than you. I have max model and textures, only extra features on low or turned off, and I get locked 60s.

old motherboard and 2gb graphic card and you expect a stable gameplay???

time to change  your hardware

Doesn't have motion controls for anyone curious.


Very good game!


This looks too good for a demo. this should be a game


It was kickstarted several years ago, but they've barely posted any updates.

they do on their Discord

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