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Keep up the go(o)d work! We are all looking forward to it!

Was free to add some other background music ;)

I absolutely LOVE this game! I truly hope it becomes the beautiful swan it was always meant to be, right up there with the big boys (AC)

Here's a gameplay video I made with hardware monitoring and my specs.

Keep up the FANTASTIC work rb-d2!
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Sorry to bother you but this bug affects (on my system) every single alpha release, (now up to v. 0.3.5); referring to a previous bug report of mine (screenshots are the same, it changes only the build version number):

Played on Windows 7 with an HD3000 intel graphic card (1.5 GB Ram, DirectX11/OpenGL 3.3  compatible,  and driver version, when the logo/splash screen game is first displayed a couple of error messages pop out and then game crashes.

At this link you can find some screenshots: Project_Wingman_BugReport

Thanks for your attention and your work.

I swear to god my bud. You are the best developer in the history. I literally can't believe that you made this game by yourself. I played so many arcade shooters and some serious flight sims. However, none of those games have satisfied me when I was finding game which makes me to feel like I'm in some sort of movie. I personally enjoyed heavy flights sims a lot(like DCS and X-plane) but I also love this game so much. I am extremely sad because I don't have any way to fund money in this project, but I'll keep my attention in future. Cheer up man you will make a gorgeous art when you finish this game properly.

p.s. I especially enjoyed the part where you let me to use freetrack in this game. AC:AH didn't allow me to and it was pretty damn frustrating since I only play in cockpit view


In the score, a MISS/SUCCESS missile rate is good . :)

In XBOX gamepad, I think the bottom trigger is best to accelerate. '-'

Великолепно,игре не хватает разнообразия но для Demo версии супер!

Maybe the trees are making the game runs slow?

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Man Oh man, this game is a dream come true. I now think this game is perfectly balanced as far as difficulty is concerned. When the SU 27s go in to spiral loops in hopes of evading oh man I just couldn't stop smiling. It was absolutely amazing! The weapons are going to need some more time. Especially the High Manuever Missiles. They will literally follow an enemy to 3+ minutes if they miss the first go around. Maybe dial that down to 1 minute lol. Optimization is wonderful my 970 is running it well on high. I do think that the post processing may be a bit extra. I'd probably say that is a bit on the extreme side, but it makes the game look just that much better. It is a bit hard to run that and record though on my 970 got me thinking of upgrading. I think a big thing missing now is actually a warning alarm for collision or at least a pull up proximity alert. I've crashed a few times now that its completely pitch black into a storm clouds. 

That being said this game is perfect for VR. You need to make some strides into that front because of how easily I converted this game into VR. Your game is amazing and I'm certain if you just spent about a weeks worth of work you can code it for Steam VR.

I used TrinusPSVR it literally took me 10 minutes to configure to work with your game. 


Project Wing Man In PlayStation VR

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This game is excellent, and is far higher quality than I was expecting from something with an Alpha label. The visuals are fantastic, dynamic weather effects are great, and most importantly the gameplay itself feels really solid. Performance is also pretty good, running on maxed settings and usually hanging around 80 FPS. While recording it occasionally drops to 60, but never below that. (Specs below).

Difficulty is also spot on for the most part. The enemy AI is very well done IMO and dogfights on Hard difficulty are exciting and fun. Only really minor thing I would comment on is the tendency of one or two jets from a squadron leaving their group to chase you if you happen to pass a tiny bit too close while the rest continue to ignore you. It certainly doesn't hurt the gameplay at all, but I think immersion-wise it would be a plus if enemy formations worked with a tiny bit more cohesion (ex: if one plane in a formation detects you, all planes in that formation attack instead of just that one). Like I said though, that's REALLY minor and doesn't really count as a negative for me, just a thought I had.

The one outlier for difficulty for me is the two 'special' fighters at the end of Clear Skies. Facing one alone is pretty easy, even on Hard difficulty, but both at once is a pretty sharp spike in difficulty in comparison because of how aggressively they spam missiles. Even on Normal difficulty I've had times where a single wrong turn when trying to evade them has led to 3 or 4 missiles hitting me at once. They're definitely not unbeatable and I can regularly beat them in 2v1s now, but on my first couple of playthroughs it was like running into a brick wall compared to the rest of the enemies.

But, that's the only gripe I have with this game so far, aside from one time I played where the camera didn't centre properly at the end of a Chainlink mission. The rest of it is great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with it in the future.


Win 10 64-bit

Intel i5-6600K quad core @ 3.5GHz


GTX 1080 w/ 8GB dedicated memory

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This is truly amazing i wouldn't come across this if I wasn't searching for Ace Combat 7 release dates. Bandai and Project Aces could put this as a demo of their game. For a game in Alpha stage it runs amazing considering I am running this on a older core2quad system but still with a mixture of High-Ultra settings it contains a nearly constant 60fps. High recommendation put on some classic Ace Combat tunes while you play this. I'm looking forward to the final release and I would like to help you translate this to my native language. One extra thing i think you should add a support for the controllers and gamepads that aren't popularly known brands I have a logitech dual action and I can't get it to work.


CPU: core2quad q9450


GPU:RX560 2gb


Hey there! Good to hear that your system runs well! Controllers and gamepads are supported by default, however if it doesn't have Xinput capability you will have to bind it manually in the options screen. 

Hope that helps. Thanks!

Thanks for explaining it for me keep up the good work man.

Just played both levels and all I have to say is. Please sir I'd like some more.  This is right up there with Ace Combat 5 and Hawks.  The graphics where great, enjoyable game play,  good voice acting, all it needs is a good story and your good to go.  I cant wait to see the new planes the come out with the new release.     

Thank you for your kind words!

Really impressed with the game, many congrats, outstanding work! 

There are a couple of issues that I need to work so I appreciate if you guys could help me: 

-I am using a Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas one joystick and works fine but the amount of roll is way above what I am happy with so I wonder if the roll could somehow be diled down a bit?

-Is there a way to avoid the need binding the axis and buttons every time I want to play the game?

Many thanks! 

Hey , Thank you for the kind words!

As for the issues:

1. Axis curves and deadzones will be implemented eventually. 

2. This is a known issue with some machines. I can't seem to replicate it so if could you please send me an email ( I'd like to troubleshoot this issue with you and hopefully find a solution for everyone who's having this issue.


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Fucking great. I hope to see it on Steam aside Ace Combat 7 in the future.

Also, if you're looking for French translation, contact me. (yes, it was also me on Facebook)

My specs are
- OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bits
- Processor: Core I7-7700K
- Memory RAM: 16gb RAM DDR4
- Video Card: GTX 1080Ti
- HDDs: 254gb SSD (OS) + 1tb SSD + 2tb SSHD

Works fine with solid 120fps. Well optimized on my MSI laptop too.

Thanks for your awesome work, see you soon in the sky.

Awesome! I'll be in touch when it comes to that.

Amazingly satisfying to play! 

Thanks for taking the time to record the game!

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Woo beat Clear Skies on Hard with F/18 almost flawless only took 1 hit sadly two I/A got away final score was 10,500. Can't wait to see how hard Mercenary will be.  Haven't had any problems with the game so far, I can't wait to see more content and anxiously awaiting hopefully the return of the F14.

Thanks! Please look forward to it!

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This is amazing.  With such incredible visuals, effects, and control customization you have an excellent chance to get to Steam.  However, I suggest that you add some sort of sensitivity bar (Unless I didn't see it and am being an idiot) because sometimes camera movement (Especially with a joystick) can be really jumpy and twitchy.  I should also add that the warning alarm (The one that goes like *beep* *beep* *beep* when you enter a stall) sometimes doesn't shut off when you pause the game and then that carried over to when you go to the main menu.

Hey there thanks for the feedback! Deadzones and Curves is on my to do list, so it will be implemented eventually. Noted on the bugreport. It will be fixed in the next mini-patch.


Fuck dude this is good you could totally make it to steam. it's fun as hell, cameras are a bit iffy but other than that its pretty much perfect. keep up the good work 


RX580 8GB 

i5 7500 


solid 40-60 fps 

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

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This is absolutely amazing man, well done. When in the cockpit POV if you are looking at the very edge of your view range and you quickly look to the other edge the camera will cut instantaneously to your new field of vision. Also a HUD placement for missiles/guns/sp weapons in the cockpit POV and the first person POV would be a big help. I hate having to switch between POV's just to see if i have ran out of armaments.

Edit: so it turns out you have already implemented a HUD placement for weapons in the cockpit/first person POV that i just never realized, oops. 


- CPU: i5-7600k 3.8GHz

-Motherboard: MSI Z270 SLI PLUS

-Memory: 16GB DDR4

-GPU: GTX 1070 8GB

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll try to look into the camera issue in the future. That being said I will try to improve the minimalist HUD to make it more akin to the third person HUD. That being said there is an option to use the default HUD in cockpit perspective in the options. 

Hope that answered your questions!

there's shadow flickering on my gameplay, setting all high/ultra

I'll try to look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

Not really digging the controls even with a controller

try flight stick or HOTAS, much more fun

Thanks for the feedback! The controls are fully rebindable! So feel free to come up with your own control scheme! 

Sorry for my English!

I love this game very much, easy gameplay, great graphics, very realistic ...
I know the game is in beta yet, but you could leave a game a little lighter to run on PCs a little more "weak" in at least the medium settings without the FPS being below 50 ... great work

My specifications
- Processor: Core I3-4170 3.7ghz
- Motherboard: Gigabyte Ga-78Lmt-S2
- Memory RAM: 8GB DDR3
- HD 1tb
- Video Card: GTX 750Ti 2gb

Bug report: UI is squished when resolution is 5760x1080

Really like the look of this game, it looks incredibly and cant wait to play!!! Does anyone know what the minimum requirements are for download? 

Thanks in advance!

TrackIR in a future build please?

Will the final game have Mac and Linux versions?

i wonder if this game have multiplayer part and is the LAN 1v1 mode possible in the future?

if I lock on the enemy and mission finished, the lock on sound just play infinitely. another things were perfect anyway!

Just finished the first mission and I'm loving what I'm seeing. Brings back memories of Ace Combat Unsung War. Keep up the good work!

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Register on this siite beause of this game. Really this is awesome!

PS: Will there be multiplayer in the game? And do you plan to add a squadron editor to the game?  To be able to build your own squadron  with your friends. Create camouflage skin,  emblem, e.t.c.?

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Wow!  Might want to start off defaulted settings on High instead of Ultra.  Playing on a Boosted 2100GHZ GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 4GhZ i7.

One thing.  Played for a while.  A few times there was one enemy left but it wouldn't lock on or point me to the last enemy because it was directing me to go to the next oncoming wave.


I LOVE IT, it's super realistic yet not laggy, even on my terrible laptop, I haven't tested yet but is it joystick compatible?

of course


Will there be a Linux version?

Game looks amazing. although I haven't gotten the chance to play it yet I hope I will be able to soon. Currently only have Macs in my house but I am looking into getting a windows computer very soon. I will make sure to stay updated in hopes that maybe this game could be released on mac if possible.

Tried bootcamp?

Hi there, StratosFear86 here. 5 seconds into the first mission and I was satisfied this game will scratch the itch HAWX failed to, and havent had since Ace Combat 0 on the PS2. The sensation of breaking the sound barrier, flying through the clouds, and pulling G's would have me happy just in free flight mode. The explosions and visuals of enemy aircraft coming apart looks great, the missiles function awesome and the Vulcan in the FA-18 was fun to shoot. The controls and button mapping felt natural and the camera pan is alot smoother than in HAWX which i think makes for a better aircraft model. This is an amazing project with the potential to be one of the best in the arcade jet combat sim genre, now to what I and many other would love to see in the finished version.

Keep the whole gain experience points to level up to earn points to buy tech tree stuff crap far away from this, missions and special circumstances unlock planes, not grinding

Aircraft licenses to use the real names and designations, couldnt imagine alot of trouble with that seeing how nice the two are already portrayed. Would like to see the same with the underwing weapons just for a bit of realism, the damage and performance can all be tweaked for balance. 

A takeoff/ landing sequence with maybe the ability to taxi around on the ground before and after missions and in a free flight mode. 

Realistic cockpits!

Gun exclusive effects, because not every aircraft has a 20mm Vulcan like all the other games make it seem like, I would also like it to be a little harder in a dogfight to get a gun kill. Maybe a gunfighter only mode with the early jet aircraft from the late 40's- the 50's  before missiles became popular?

I would love some stealth fighter/bomber missions where you have to sneak around at night. Would also very much like a night time mission over a city all lit up and a free flight/mission editor mode introduced. Nevada Test Range map would be a blast to fly in with a few of the alleged "black project" aircraft to and maybe a UFO intercept mission? I hope I dont come across as to demanding, just excited to finally see a new title and can already say I'll have no problem with the price for the finished product. Now to go check out the Su-27.

No problems running on my system. Intel i5 6500CPU 3.20GHz 8BG RAM GeForce 1050.

I mostly agree with you, i hope he can add the Freeflight mode pretty soon. Since I think that's not too hard. Now I just fly away as quick as possible in the missions and go fly some. ;p

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Best game. Just a bit too sensitive with joystick. Key mapping is confusing. Super optimized. Some bugs, normal for an alpha (some elements of HUD left after I died, or boxes too little for text, for example).

The little map bottom left is pretty unuseful. I'm never looking at it.

Could we get auto-tracking where camera is tracking target only under a certain angle from front?

I would like to see a "realistic" difficulty level where there is wind, landing for refueling and reloading, less missiles, less enemies and more allies, etc. We would also change controls beetween combat and flying (airbrakes, flaps, ggears, engines, etc.)

 Maybe aircraft carrier one day.

Beautiful with music.

AMD Athlon X4 880K 4.2GHz, MSI GTX 960 4gb Vram, 8gb ram, running high (60fps max graphics)

I love it! I always love flight games, my first one is Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Project Wingman is very good and it's very similar to Ace Combat. I also love that planes are based on real world while their name is little different. Game is running smoothly but i need to turn off shadows and anti aliasing also lower the clouds quality. My laptop is 2GB VRAM MX150 with i5-7200U and 4GB RAM. 

My question on hostile F/Z-18 with their backward-launched missile, do they use All-aspect missile??

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Loving the new update! I noticed a sound bug where occasionally, if you're locking onto a target while the end game "Good work, Hitman Team, return to base" and fade to black plays, the locking sound will persist into the menu.

Also, I still cant get my HOTAS  inputs to stick in the controls menu. They keep defaulting to "Joystick_T" whenever I quit the game.

Great performance with my i5-7600k and 1070. 

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