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!!! Project Wingman Alpha Test 4 !!!

Update 1 out now.

The current latest version is 0.2.10c.

Version C fixes the anti-gravity stalling issue.

Keep in mind that the alpha is still in an unfinished/unpolished state.

Everything may or may not change as the game goes further into development.

Key rebinding now is fully functional. Only missing a couple of features and resetting to defaults now is also functional!

I'm looking for feedback on all aspects right now so do let me know if something bothers you or can be improved about the demo. However just keep in mind that everything is still in the early stages but your feedback will mean that I will change my priorities on how important it is. Even nitpicks are okay!

Please make mention of the difficulty on your feedback. Even if you found the game too hard or too easy.

I am hoping that this demo is much more optimized than the previous one. That being said performance reports are still appreciated.Keep in mind the Last White number on top right of the screen and give me your CPU and GPU specification. Thanks!

Short Term Plans:

  • Second level to complete the public demo/alpha stage
  • Audio Overhaul
  • HD Cockpits for some of the older aircrafts
  • Get wave based mode working
  • Rebalancing the game
  • Add unique units and mini bosses

Future Plans :

  • Fully featured Campaign with story driven elements
  • Wave based survival mode
  • More Aircraft
  • Additional Weaponry and Arsenal
  • HD Cockpits

Any feedback can either go to :

Itch.io Comments Section

Twitter : @RB_Dev2

Tumblr : rb-d2.tumblr.com

Email : wingmangamedev@gmail.com

Donations are appreciated :)



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Will there be F22s any time soon? I'm also wondering, since the update, I havent been able to play the older scenarios or the other aircraft that were available. I miss my F15 and F18 :(

Could you please email me a copy of the first version of the game? darksgameranger@gmail.com  thanks!

First off, let me just say I'm highly impressed with the quality of this game. The level of detail put into everything is fantastic. 

Few things I want to point out.

First off, the difficulty is a bit high for a demo mission. It starts off incredibly simple and slowly builds to the point where it really becomes a severe challenge. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be random, but it seemed like every time I got down to 2-3 squadrons left, they would all cluster, and I would end up in a 2v15 air battle with the fighters and IA-52's. Then, after I defeated everyone suddenly the 2 "advanced aircraft" came out of nowhere and wiped me out in a matter of just a couple minutes. They tanked quite a few direct hits and were just far faster and superior to the SU-27 you gave us. Not to mention by the time I had gotten that far into the game, my aircraft had already seen quite a bit of damage. It just felt unnecessarily difficult at the end. If there was a way to restock ammunition, or repair up the aircraft, then I think I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Second, I've never heard of an IA-52. I'm guessing they're supposed to be a B-52? I thought it strange that you used SU-27's, F-14's, MiG's, but you seemingly made up the IA-52? Again I could be wrong and just haven't heard of it before.

Third,  PLEASE INCORPORATE MOUSE CONTROLS FOR FLIGHT! I was trying to fly with my mouse at first, and when I realized you had to rely solely on the keyboard, I was pretty disappointed. Make it so that you can choose to fly with the mouse, and then give us a keybind to "freelook" around the cockpit or something. Would make it so much smoother and easier to play.

Other than that, I love the game. Very much looking forward to a full version. 9/10

There are controls for flight. Will send you a screenshot of the keybind option to toggle between mouse control and keyboard

There is some mouse control gameplay here

I started with 0.2.9 so I am not really sure if the things I am saying here are new.

Great job man,. If you get a decent release of this game, I would definitely buy this along side Ace Combat 7. With that said, I noticed a few things:

1. The missile trajectory is weird. There were times when I knew that my missiles will not hit the enemy but the missile magically deviates from its path to hit the enemy. And sometimes the missile will just "bounce off" the enemy and will turn 30 - 45  degrees away from its path.

2. There were times when the MLAA will not lock on even though the enemy is in front of me and less than 6000 km(?) away. Does visibility affect how this kind of  missile lock on to the target?

3. I like how the cockpit shakes after you blow up a nearby enemy. I also like how you can see the enemy missiles through those little hexagonal shapes in your HUD.  Since I don't use flares, I can literally "weave through the missiles" -- like what an AWACS said in an Ace combat game.  

Impressive demo! I do have a few problems I want to talk about, though. First, the mission starts off very easy and stays that way until the very end, most of the enemy aircraft being very passive to me gunning them down or firing missiles. They didn't seem to want to outmanuever me or use flares (though I assume not all of them have flares), and they didn't really put up much of a fight unless I flew straight at them.

Second, the aircraft you gave was really strong for this kind of mission. I would understand the enemy's passiveness if we were put in an F-4 or something, but you gave us a really fast, really agile, and really tanky plane to start with. The final two fighters were the only thing that posed a threat, as they used flares and outmanuevered my missiles a few times and actually fought back.

Third, the bloom on the HUD should be toned down a bit, and the motion blur setting should not affect the HUD as much either. Both of these things affect how hard it is to read things off of it in the heat of the moment.

Fourth, Hitman 2 did nothing for the entire mission except fire a missile off twice. Only twice. It's ironic that something called "Project Wingman" have a really passive wingman, haha. I don't really mind, but he feels kind of useless to include him if he doesn't do very much. He definitely needs better AI.

Fifth, speaking of Hitman 2, he and AWACS have very similar voices, if not the same. I was barely able to tell the difference between them when they spoke.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this demo! The flying feels very good and responsive, you absolutely nailed the flight simcade feel. It's also decently optimized considering how good the game looks, as I had nearly 60FPS at all times on high settings.

Any plans for a MAC / Linux version? This looks awesome but my Gaming PC (a Hackintosh) can't play it - and my Intel HD 520 graphics windows laptop isn't up to the job...

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Google translation:

When downloading Project Wingman and trying to launch the game, it is displayed as Fatalerror and you can not play the game.
Apparently, it seems that command prompt will be displayed when starting up the game, but in my case it will not be displayed.
What should I do?


Specifications of PC I currently use
CPU Intel core i3-2310M
Memory 8 gb
GPU Intel HD Graphics 3000
DirectX 12
Back in the comments, there were people who were suffering from the same problem.
Apparently that person was Intel HD Graphics 3000, the same interior graphic board as I was.
Is not this something related to???
(Edited 2 times)

Hi, is their currently only one airplane to fly or how do I get the other ones? Nice Game :)


And is their a possibility to restock ammunition? 

Dude, this shit is beautiful. Keep on working on it man

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Played the latest build. Last build I played was in early February. Great stuff.

The hangar UI is rather unintuitive.  Difficulty has jumped from that of the first missions of an Ace Combat game to missions from the last third of an Ace Combat game.

AaawwwwYeeesh! Loved the visuals of this game quite alot. Looking forward to see more from it!

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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I get the error "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine." any suggestions. I have DX12 on my computer and do not know of any way to downgrade it.

CPU: AMD Radeon R5

GPU: AMD Radeon


The A.I. in the game seem like they can just turn on a dime unlike the turning capabilities of the aircraft that I was flying in

Great game! Good difficulty balance with awesome visuals and sound. Looking forward to your next missions.

Hey RB-D2, I just wanted to give some feedback on the game. I love the game and love to see the progress that you make. The game runs extremely well on my PC with some small dips in FPS. However the one thing that I noticed that was a litle bothersome was the fact that the SU-27 can stall in a downward nose dive when the throttle is cut back. I've also noticed that for a Joystick, the throttle isn't as progressive as say War Thunder. Other than that I love playing this game and can't wait to see further implementations of the game. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this project.

I have a really good computer.

i7 Intel core

Geforce 960

16 GB Ram.

For some reason, it keeps crashing right before the battle.

1920x1080 Borderless Graphics Max Settings
CPU : Intel i5-6600@3.3GHz
GPU : RX480 8gb (reference)
Last White number : 824 / 76

I'm very impressed with your project. Keep up the good work!

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Version V0.2.10c
1920x1080 Borderless Graphics Max Settings
GPU: Sapphire Nitro R9 380 OC 4GB (Core: 1010Mhz  Memory 1450Mhz) => OC to 1070Mhz and 1625Mhz
Min: 35 Max:84 Avg:54.5



It must be pretty annoying to constantly have your hard work compared to an existing franchise. Please everybody this isn't Ace Combat. RBD has a good shot of making a better fusion of combat and arcade with what he's been doing so far. All I can say is the game is going beautifully. Make the perfect game you always dreamed of. If you keep this up it will PAY off!

Ace combat remastered confirmed 

sheesh, what a nostalgia trip this game is. Its a modern take on how ace combat feels, even when modern ace combats dont FEEL like ace combat anymore.  i've played this game for five hours now with my joystick (Saitek F.L.Y 5) and i cant get enough! will be donating soon as well, i really want to see future developments with this game!

I run on max everything except AA and shadow set to med with no bad lag at 1080p!

The game gets really touchy at times with a joystick and occasionally stutters a bit but it never lasts very long, the only other annoyance i can think of is not being able to use esc to back out of the menu, other than that the games been great!

(specs, i5 4460, 6gb ddr3, R7 360 w/ 2gb gddr5)

For a game that is in alpha stage of development, its great!. Yes theres still bugs ( well the occasional frame rate drop and such ) but its great so far, one thing to note is that the optimization is better now compared to the previous public alpha version. Which is nice .

UI looks great, I like how the UI/HUD elements is curved in a way, giving that 360 ish feel. Color customization is a good touch too! but overall what blows me away is how simple it is in terms of the style used, its not cluttered yet all the necessary info is there.  Though the Center HUD lines are a bit too blurry, but aside from that its good!

Game play is more  refined now , it takes me back all those times Ive played Ace Combat ( Mainly Ace combat 5 and Zero. Also AH but thats a different story lol ). The feeling is there, so is the pacing. Though theres the occasional fps drop, and the controls sometimes gets too sensitive from what I observed.

as for Weaponry, the standard missile is well good enough . SAA needs a bit of buff to its range imo, aside from that its already good ( well only to be ruined by the controls getting too sensitive lol) . Though the most lacking is the MLAA, its lock radius is a bit too narrow imo. 

Finally , its a minor issue. but on the menu/pause menu in game, cant use esc to go back. A small yet annoying thing. ohh well its still alpha stage to begin with  

Well so far, keep it up devs! Again for a alpha phase, this is looking very great! Also if you guys are looking for a tester for the non public builds, il gladly volunteer!

I really need to spill my love for this project right now. I seriously have a lack of words for how this game brings back so many good memories from my living room playing on my ps2. I haven't had this much fun playing Ace Combat games since 2009. This game really captures what Ace Combat did best and it made me feel like a little kid again. I was actually moving my head around like I was in the cockpit looking for jets. I'm actually lightheaded from that experience, it was almost unreal to discover a team not involved with making Ace Combat games create such a masterpiece. That's what it really is too, a masterpiece. And what blows my mind sky high is it's still only in alpha. You guys have truly managed to astonish me in such a small amount of time, with such little amounts of material. As simplistic as the state of the game is right now, it really felt like I was playing a very polished beta or something of that sort. It was beautiful, it was fun, and best of all, I didn't even get to the end of the senario, I was killed by the two last fighters. I said "That's a shame" but the smile on my face in that moment I swear to god, was ear to ear. I can't wait to see what's to come in the future. I am so confident in whatever you guys do with this game that I feel as if I don't even need to expect great things, because I know that in time, they will most certainly come. Thank you for giving us the freedom to play this

Hey!! I loved your game but I have a question... There are a version for IMac? Thanks for all and congratulations, I see videos of this game and is amazing!! Congratulations

Ver. 0.2.9c.

Ridiculously huge amount of pretty basic enemies ( or is it that their missles are limited in range and useless too?), limited amount of almost useless missiles and broken mouse-keyboard control - that's what I feel about alpha demo of this game.

Does it fun and entertaining - maybe yes, until gamer realise that even the slightest maneuver will make enemy MISSile miss. Same applies to gamer's MISSiles. Consider HUGE number of enemies that gamer is going to handle with almost zero support from AI wingman - and all such things turn potentially fun game into  constant boring "turn-launch your missile-get enemy lock warning signal - make Split-S/High-G barell roll -goto 1".

So I managed to destroy something around five squadrons without being a  hit and after that I found myself stuck in constant loop with a great number of enemy aircrafts without any missiles and almost empty guns ammo. After ~10 minutes of such interesting gameplay without any hope to finish first mission I made a mistake that was fatal. Because of lack of any checkpoints I found absolutely no reason to start first mission again.  I found this version much more tedious than hard - that's a GAME btw.

I should also note the clunky mouse control scheme - sometimes "virtual pilot" do strange things like flying upside down instead of making the roll, and that  makes guns usage very hard in comparison to just keyboard. 

Seems to be not my kind of game. Good luck with development.

PS. R7 1700 + GTX1070 - 120-130 fps@ FullHD max preset (as expected).

Try clearing the top 2 mouse bindings then bind mouse axes to pitch and roll. That way you can directly control the aircraft instead of controlling the "go here" cursor.

The missiles are reliable in their kill envelope, which admittedly seems quite limited. STDM seem to have great success when the target is stays within a 30-ish degree cone from the launch position. To hit, you pretty much have to be either head-on or in a tail chase.

I love it, even though it's only one mission currently playable, I'm having a ton of fun. I do have some nitpicks/suggestions about it. 

Hitman 2 needs a bit of a buff, 99% of the time he doesn't do anything and I have to do the whole thing myself.  Once in a while I see him try to take a shot at an enemy.

I kinda dislike that how you need to do the whole mission again if you die, is it possible to add in a checkpoint system? I feel like it should be in the middle and just before the boss (like the QF-18s). Could also be a difficulty option with no checkpoints in the future for players who want more of a challenge.

Flares needs some sort of audio que when it's fully recharged, even though the recharge timer is there in the HUD. But most of the times I'm focusing on chasing enemy jets/dodging missiles than trying to take a quick glance when the flares are ready to use.

This is one amazing game! i feel like a god everytime i destroy a plane!

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i wish hitman 2 would do anything he just flies with me letting me do all the job
and no one targets him he just watches me battle
while i stall only once and over 9000 rockets come to me and im dead
if this isn't the only mission please make it easier i tried for hours to do it but i still can't

Excuse me! 

do the plane perform any cobra action or high g ?


At the moment that feature is not in the public demo yet. But it is in the current internal builds. Hopefully I'll be able to showcase it soon once it's finalized.

Hi,amazing game!But still have some question...

1.Does this game support the  TRACK IR 5?I only see freetrack in the option menu.

2.When can we enjoy some more plane? Such as F-14 or F-15 in some demo video on youtube....Personally, F-14 is my favorite airplane.

3.The last QF-18 is really hard to take down, I can't catch them with cannon, the only way is to shoot semi-aa missile at long distance and keep lock on.

I have trackir working through a work-around via freePIE and vJoy.

Hi! Thanks for the compliment!

I'll try answer the questions as best as I can.

1. At the moment no, You can either use a workaround to get it to support the freetrack protocol at the moment. However I will be implementing TrackIR support in the near future as I have been in contact with them.

2. Soon, I've taken them down for now because they are not at the quality I'd like them to be at (mainly the cockpit views).

3. That's one way to take them down ;)

(Edited 1 time)

Feels amazing to play! It'd be great if there was a zoom key to switch to 55 FOV for killshot with cannon. Also, is there a way to play the older mission(s)?

Hey, thanks for the compliment! Great idea! I've added zoom function to the feature backlog list. Hopefully I'll be able to implement it soon.

At the moment there is no way to download/play the older missions. If you look around you may be able to find it again but I'm no longer providing a download link for that because it is extremely old and outdated.

Please reply buddy, I've got annoying bug that automatically disable HUD while I play the game with TPS camera and pressing the "look on enemy / change target" button, I'm using the v0.2.10a version, check out my specs on my previous comment, there's occassional stuttering on terrain even the enemy were stuttering too, my specs were too low, but I'm sure that you could optimize it to make low end pc user like me could play it smoothly.

Btw graphic settings is: everything low, clouds view distance 120, resolution 1024 x 768.

(Edited 1 time)

I'm pushing it as much as I can. Unfortunately your specs is way too low to play the game.

Do your best buddy, because this is the most exciting jet fighter combat sim and it's very rare, I can't play many legendary ace combat games because my parents never allowed me to buy consoles, and this is what I really wanted, with some Ace Combat 6 mechanism and other Ace Combat titles, I'll looking forward to see what you can do in the future, 

Deleted post

I'm liking the info displayed on the hud view more than the clutter on the external view. The HUD display is good for cockpit view but is too small (looks weirdly small) in HUD view, my screen resolution is 1600x900.

Another speed issue. At no power the plane don't gain speed even at 80 degrees dive. I think it should be able to glide at 20-30 degrees but at below 40 degrees it should gain speed even with air brake. What does everyone think?

Hey, thanks for the feedback! 

I'll see what I can do with the HUD view. 

The flight physics is still very much a WIP.  Hopefully you will see an improvement in the future. 

Very nice game, I love it! But I have a few questions. First, I want to know if you can change the sensitivity of steering with a joystick. Secondly, I wonder when there are going to be new planes and missions(I know this is an Alpha version, so I don't expect too many new things, but I would love it!) Great Game and Keep on!

Hey thanks for giving it a playthrough!

Joystick support is fairly barebones at the moment but I'll be sure to improve it in the future.

There will be new planes and mission in the future but it's still quite a bit away unfortunately. That being said please look forward to it!

frame rate has taken a bit of a hit for me on this one without changing any settings,high altitude 45fps,normal dogfighting 29-34fps,heavy rain and when things get a little hectic 20-24fps and things got very hectic for me so i was getting a bit of motion sickness from the low frame rate (see previous comments for spec).

graphics do look a little strange,i'm not entirely sure which i prefer more to be honest.

i did encounter a minor bug.i got to the last two planes,took out the first but the second caught me and managed to take me out.because i was using nose cam and firing the machine gun at the point of death for the final animation i could see the gyroscope hud and continuous bullet spray spinning from a third person perspective.

i'll give it another go but change the graphics settings to try and get a better frame rate.

The cloud resolution defaults has changed for this version. Try setting it back to 512 to what the default was in the previous demo.

(Edited 1 time)

How did you get the landscapes as you did, Large Scale and looking seemingly infinite??? 

It's a scaled up landscape and a few imposters here and there.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

I think the bloom is way too strong in this version. When all the HUD elements are shining like they're polished steel it's a bit much.

The player plane seems a bit too tough. What's the point of having flares when you can just facetank up to like 5 missiles while everyone else can only take 2 with the QF-18s being able to take 2 and just a bit of gunfire.

Also, unbound controls seem to reset to defaults every time I start the game which makes it a bit annoying to clear them again.

I also had the control unbound issue, but only once, and it was only for joystick x-axis.

Really, HUD bloom it's too exaggerated in this version. Also,  enemy plane's navigation lights are overly strong too.
An option to deactivate HUD bloom should be good.

Noted about the HUD elements. 

I'll have to investigate regarding the key rebinding issue. That shouldn't be happening at all.

Thanks for the feedback.

Weapon cycle problem still present. Otherwise it's pretty good.

MLAA seems only reliable against IA-52.

Will be fixed in the next version. Sorry about that.

Any idea of when the Tomcat will be returning?

I don't have a time frame yet unfortunately.

yay finaly its fixed :D

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