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!!! New Project Wingman alpha version 0.2.1109 !!!

Testing out some minor mission scripting features along with a full length mission. Hope you enjoy it!

Keep in mind that the alpha is still in an unfinished/unpolished state.

Everything may or may not change as the game goes further into development.

I'm looking for feedback on all aspects right now so do let me know if something bothers you or can be improved about the demo. However just keep in mind that everything is still in the early stages but your feedback will mean that I will change my priorities on how important it is.

From the last demo the requirements has changed significantly so it is more GPU bound than it is CPU bound right now. I am curious about average framerates of everyone in the game. So just keep in mind the Green number on top of the screen and give me your CPU and GPU specification. Thanks!

Future Plans :

  • Fully featured Campaign with story driven elements
  • Wave based survival mode
  • Additional Aircraft
  • Additional Weaponry and Arsenal
  • HD Cockpits
  • And much More!

Any feedback can either go to :

Itch.io Comments Section

Twitter : @RB_Dev2

Tumblr : rb-d2.tumblr.com

Email : wingmangamedev@gmail.com

Donations are appreciated :)



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Project Wingman Alpha Demo 0.2.1109b 64-Bit 531 MB


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I can't play it because it has an fatal error

my pc has: intel i5 2.60 ghz, intel (R) graphics 3000, 8gb ram and windows 10

Could you send me the error log so I can have a look at it? Thanks.

Hey, great game! I love the old ace combat feel. I encountered very few glitches for a game at this stage of development. Here is a few screenshots of what I did find.


Intel i7 6700, GTX 1060, 16GB ram. The game never went below 41 fps and never went above 66fps. Very High settings w/motion blur, 1080p.

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm happy to say most of those glitches has been addressed in the internal builds of the game! Look forward to the next version :)

Cant wait for that next version ) Checking twitter/tumblr and itchio several times a day.. Really hope to see all those things you mentioned in your posts, like night mission, snowy mountain landscape, mouse controls and SU )

Kick. Ass.

About time we get some arcade flight sim on the PC. I very much look forward to the future of this thing.

GTX 750 Ti Intel 3.6 GHz quad core 8GB RAM runs it at ~25 fps at max settings, ~50 fps at minimum

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Hopefully the game will run better on the next iteration.

Finally got around to playing, can feel it chugging a bit on my comp at 24-48 FPS.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz


Geforece 970

Windows 7 64bit

1920x1080, Very High, Motion Blur On

Thanks for playing.

Hopefully the next version will run better than the current version.

Okay, this is going to be long and hard but trust me, it's worth it.

Okay, starting off: Damn, this game has potential. Classical Ace Combat controls for ease-of-play, Unreal Engine so it's damn easy to code and mod for, and oodles and oodles of visuals and scenes that even make Crysis 3 Blush. Since I want to make this as in-depth as possible, here's a convenient list of the pros in more detail (also - sorry, I'm a real pilot so I'm going to go pretty damn specific):

  1. The whole first mission SCREAMS Bartolomeo Fortress from AC6. Green shrubbery, hillside forts, aircraft and AA guns, and lots of nice clustered enemies. Definitely a way to tap into the Ace Combat fan-base (and HAWX fan-base, for that matter) without being downright plagiarism. It'll help build hype.
  2. Okay, this one I'm 50/50 on and I'll explain why later... For an alpha, general aircraft handling such as turning, burning, stability and over/under compensation is preeeeeeeeetty good. Could use some slight tweaking (i'll get to that later) but overall, it's damn good for an Alpha.
  3. Weapon Balance - This one I'm more 70/30 on. I LOVE the idea of being able to take up to 3 or 4 different kinds of weapons in addition to standard Missiles and Cannon, but balancing of the amount right now just feels a little... off. Like, having 38 bombs, 20 AMRAAMs, 8 QAAMs, yet still like 80 to 90 missiles and unlimited cannon on an F-15C... AN AIR SUPERIORITY fighter. It just feels... not OP, but weird. (okay, maybe a little OP :D)
  4. You picked the right engine. I can already see steam workshops, NMM's, and file repo's stacked to the brim with add on aircraft, custom skins, user-made missions and maps, and hundreds upon hundreds of FLYING ANIME CHICKS!
That being said, there are some things that... feel a little "off".
  1. (Getting super nitpickey) Roll and initial pitch response on the F-15C is sluggish but firms up (giggity) after a few moments of input. MiG-31 suffers from a severe case of Kamakawiwoʻole disease (google it). F-18 turns on a proton, and the F-14 needs aviators duct-taped to the front.
  2. QAAMs dont care about flares, azimuth, or distance. You see red, it's gonna be dead.
  3. "I said DART gun, not FART gun!" (cannon; maybe a better sfx?)
  4. All craft accelerate kinda slow but are fucking drag racers when stopping
  5. Optimization(?). I ran it on two rigs, one a 6950x and 2x Titan XP's (Say what you will about me burning money) and another on a I5 4460 and MSI 970. On the first rig, SLI was not recognized (meh, big whoop) and ran at a stable bajillion frames per second, EXCEPT the exact moment the interceptor wave spawned in. It dipped to roughly 144 then went roight back up. 4460 rig was roughly 60-65 fps, going slightly higher in times of low combat and dipping to the 50's when flying through explosions and burning F-18's (MICHEAL BAY STYLE)
  6. No anime girls (this kills it)
Other than that, it's as I said before: MASSIVE potential. Also, I'd be willing to lend my services as a coder/programmer/general tester, since I have Unreal Engine and a rig capable of some pretty heavy workloads.

All in all, I'm hyped and I want more. More planes, more missions, more scenes, more weapons, more sounds, more story, and more flying girls. 'Nuff said.
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Appreciate the detailed feedback!

I will keep doing my best to introduce improvements and new elements to the game.

I do agree a lot of the points in the current demo need to be addressed.


Edit: Also goddamn your rig specs, that's valuable performance information on super high end systems. Thanks!

(Edited 2 times)

it runs at about 45-60 fps on a gtx 1060 ti whit 8 gb ram and an i5-2500 3.30 GHz

will you add an multiplayer mode? me and some of my friends love this game and we will want to play together. For the rest is perfect and i hope you will countinue to develop this game.

ps. i don't know i is a bug of something but i don't ear sound

Hey, thanks for playing it.

At the moment Multiplayer is not planned for the game unfortunately.

The no audio bug is quite odd. Is the whole game completely silent for you?


yes since the start of the game i can't ear nothing

Could you detail me how your audio is set up?


(Edited 1 time)

i have a lifechat-lx3000 (headphones) connected buy usb

Just downloaded the game and tried it.

Damn, i like it! really nice visuals, and the flight feels smooth and satisfying. Tried it with a logitech f310 gamepad, and it worked flawlessly.

I'm running on a i3 2100, r9 280 and 8GB ram @1333hz. The framerate never went below 30, and i'd say it averaged on about 40, very high setting at 1080p.

All i can say for now, is that adding some hud indicator for the recharge state of the missles would be really usefull (like the way the missile silouhette fills up in the AC games).

Again, really liked it, keep up the good work man!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hopefully the future versions of the game will run better than the current version :)

This video I made a few months ago should outline some of the changes coming in the next version.

And there's much more improvements coming up!


Nice, lots of good stuff.
Can't wait to see how this project unfolds!

(Edited 1 time)

Just downloaded this game about an hour ago for 10 bucks. It's an Early, EARLY ACCESS game, but what's there felt smooth. I can't complain, though there isn't much around to complain about to begin with. I haven't ran into any bugs or anything, at least.

Just keep doing what you do, dude. This is pretty fun, and I love that you put the F/A-18E in.

Thank you very much for the contribution! I really appreciate it!

I will definitely iron out all the minor stuff and definitely add content in the future.


I should probably stick this in here as well:

GeForce GTX 760, Intel i7 3770k, 16GB of RAM.
The game never dropped below 30fps, even when I got to the conflict zones and had up to 30+ enemies on my screen at a time. And this is at maximum everything mode.

A suggestion regarding music/sound effects:

Unless you want a cease and desist from Bandai Namco you obviously can't include sound assets ripped from the AC series, but that isn't going to stop me from modding them in myself.

It'd be convenient if Project Wingman included a nice drag and drop way to replace the default sound assets with something custom...


We'll see :)

Did you ever get the sky working again?

Nope. Tried some forced updates and nothing changed. It runs fine on my laptop though, albeit at an unplayable framerate.

Hi, found this game yesterday while checking for something new about AC7. Instadownloaded and checked it out ) This indeed feels like AC and i really love it, cause there are NO arcade jet games on pc in years (ACAH is not a game). I think now im looking forward for this game even more then AC7 itself and i wish you all the best to make it really awesome.

A bit about my feeling about current version:

  • sound effects for missile lock and yourself being locked are very loud and even irritating
  • keyboard controls are sad. You may want to consider customisation for that one. And yeah, i know it should be played with controller, but still )
  • Aerial combat feels a bit slow. Id love to see something from AC, like "high G" or maybe even more advanced moves which you could "unlock" with XP or playthrough.
  • As long as you just have textures for ground, it would be cool to have a night desert or naval map with lots of clouds, maybe even storm, so we could enjoy the "trueSky"
  • Missiles feel too agile at start. Arent they supposed to fly straight at first ) Also missile trail color is weird for me.
  • Would also be cool for plane to be less static on the screen and make something with camera while turning

Game is running at stable 60 with no spikes or lags

I7-6700k, GTX980, 16GB DDR4

I wish i knew english better, so i could describe everything properly =(

Keep up the fantastic work, i have faith in you )

Glad to hear you enjoyed the alpha.

All the feedback has been considered, I am currently working on a lot of things to mix up the gameplay. I do agree that the keyboard controls and the sounds aren't the best right now. I'll overhaul them sometime in the future.


Tryed out a mouse contol and it feels great ) Exact camera movement i wanted. Would be cool if you could leave manual control in this mode (pitch/yaw). Also a plane shakes too much in mouse mode and not only while burning.

p.s. How often do you update the client ?

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(Sorry. I can't speak English well :( )

Hi, I'm Japanese student! I love this game very much. <3 my PC spec ↓

  • i5-6600
  • GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 3GB OC
  • RAM 16GB (8GBx2)

I played this game in FullHD(1920x1080) and Very High graphic settings. It always kept 60 fps. Not particularly upset.

I have a request.

  • Add chaffs and flares for player. But, if you add it, I think you should set a limit to chaffs and flares.

Players can't use chaffs and flares. So, we had a hard time to dodge missiles. Last, I have a question.

  • Are you going to release this game on Steam?

I think you will get many testers if you release this game on Steam. Good luck with game development! :D


There are flares/chaff in the game. I use the Xbox controller so apologies for not knowing the key when playing with mouse and keyboard but it is the right analog/thumb-stick (click it in). They are unlimited.

Hey Brett, flares and chaff on the player actually has no effect at the moment. (But they look kinda cool)

Still considering the actual use of flares for the player, depends on the results of internal testing.


Oh okay, no wonder they seemed so ineffective. I really enjoy this game and hope you can get the funding you need to put more work into it.

Thanks for your reply! I didn't know flares/chaff key. thank you :D


Hey GurePan, Thanks for testing the game :)

Performance seems good, I will try to further optimize the game in the future. Hopefully FPS will be higher in the future :)

Chaff and Flares is a feature I'm considering adding to the game as a player mechanic. I have been testing some ideas on how it can be used. Hopefully it will make it onto future versions if things are looking good.

I hope the game will make it onto Steam at some stage.


Thanks for your reply! I'll make a donation to you. Good luck with game development!

i7-3770k with an R9 390. Frame rates aren't absolutely horrible but the game could do with some optimization. Otherwise I thuroughly enjoyed the 30 mins I played and would love to play more once it is optimized!

Optimization is something I will work on in the future.


Ouch wish I could run this, 25 frames on average and ran out of memory in 30 minutes. I think I graduate for mid-tier on the computer scale: AMD A10-6700, R5 240, 8GB RAM, 8.1 x64. Tried Radeon Pro, doesn't seem to affect it. Would try Razer but didn't have much luck using that with other games at all.The camera sometimes shakes a lot when turning hard, guess due to low frame rates. What's the speed format, kmh or knts? I wanna lean on kmh. But yeah, it is GPU intensive. Guess it's time to upgrade @.@

Hey Hitch,

I haven't had a report for out of memory on any video card yet. Is it a consistent occurence?

Optimization is something I'm currently working on. The speed is currently on Metric (km/h and meter)

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi RB, I tried reseating the card and haven't seen another memory issue yet,I tried shifting from another few games (DCS then Arma) then booted up Wingman and only noticed slight stuttering from heavy use. I used Radeon Pro with OverDrive enabled using the max clock and memory, maybe I allocated too much memory to the game. Restarted and haven't got one again. I stare at the menu and get 15 frames on my native res (1024x1280). Friend of mine suggested D3D9Ex for memory leaks..? I dunno exactly, but you more than me about memory compiling. Maybe that would help you. I suggest maybe a choice of a static menu versus an animated one? It'd certainly cut back the lag. I don't know how UE4 works, does it support LOD and trilinear filtering? Like I said I don't know much about the whole game programming, just from what I learned from ones I played. I understand that most game engines don't take too kindly to lower end AMD products, but do you have any suggestions I could use in Radeon Pro to get that working or just Crimson Settings and tweak profiles? I have a few of these graphic setting choices that might help in the long run if you haven't already have these planned:

-Disable clouds (or add a slider to decrease their density)

-View Distance slider or value to input, X amount of meters squared. Static and objects.

-Phys X for Nividia. Pretty sure you can grab an SDK right?

-Particle settings. Then again, crappy rig.

-HDR and other lighting settings. Looking at god rays especially when you look up towards the sun behind the jet.

-Audio samples, from 16-32-64 etc etc, that'd cut back on lag a bit too maybe.

-AI count, a total, then sides min/max. A majority of the lag I could assume would be the multitude of 30 something friendly AI, maybe cut half of that vs the enemy air forces. I probably got that number wrong but holy crap it's like Independence day with the amount of planes on my side in that scene where they're attacking the mother ship xD

And those are the only ones I can think of that isn't the pretty much basis settings that should be in a game. And can I ask when a local settings file to keep video settings and such going to be implemented? Do you have any recommendations to manually adjust files to disable some settings to help? I don't know if itch.io has a direct message system but it'd be great to talk more on that. Really interested in this, I wanna see this made onto Steam, green lighted, with a huge multiplayer pop one day and a fanbase with clans and then some. If you have any more questions for me I'll be more than happy to see what I can do. Thanks!

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Hello RB-D2. I have a question. Why do you make this game? some people said because you felt disappointment with ACE COMBAT: ASSAULT HORIZON, so you determined to make the game yourself. Is it right?

Hey Swordman, That wasn't exactly the reason why I started Project Wingman. It's mainly due to how rare arcade flight games are nowadays and I wanted to spread the love to the genre.

Hope that answered your question.

Thanks :)

Thanks for your reply. And I like your game. It's so great work.

this is awesome!

Hey, giant AC Ps2 fan. Literally my favourite games of all time.

Project Wingman looks great but its unplayable for some reason. Menus and hangar are fine, but in flight the sky is black and there is not light source other than tracers or explosions. It like flying through a black hole. Not sure what's causing it but its pretty frustrating.

i7 3770K

16gb RAM

GTX 960

Win 10 64bit

I get a solid 70+ fps though! Anyone else encounter this? I hope it gets figured out. Good luck with the project.

Hey, This is the first time I've heard of this issue. Could you send me a screenshot on what it looks like?


Will do as soon as I get home. Best I can describe it though is "no light source" other than tracers/explosions/formation lights etc. Its damned impossible to fly.

Here are a few screenshots http://imgur.com/a/ZIBBc
Not sure what's causing it, I haven't had any trouble with Unreal before this.

Huh, okay that's interesting. Is the main menu background also black?

Yea its also black. I see tracers and stuff sometimes, I guess its supposed to be an inengine scene?

(Edited 2 times)

Yup, And I think I know whats causing it. I have a feeling it might be a corrupt download/extraction but just in case I'm wrong. Try downloading this file and extract it into the game folder.

But if that doesn't work, have you tried re downloading the game?

The link is only going to be up for a limited time. Please let me know once you've got it.


Tried re-downloading and re-extracting the game with no luck. I'll try this patch of yours now.

No joy

Hmm, okay this is an interesting.

What I know is that the sky is simply not rendering (trueSky). This is usually an issue if you don't have the binaries which i linked to you in a zipped version earlier, however all my builds come with the binaries to begin with.

I'll have to look deeper into this graphical issue.

In the meantime are all your graphics redistributables up to date? (DX10, DX11, Video Drivers)

I updated very recently, but I'll do all that again just in case.

Yea I got nothing. Nvidia drivers and DirectX are updated with no result. Whatevs. I'll keep following the project anyways. I'm excited to see someone do this series some justice.

Damn, Sorry. I'll try to investigate this further. Hopefully further releases will work properly.

I want this to be a full game now. Physics are quite good, flight mechanic feels spot on and you can tell there are differences between jets, graphics are decent and performance is great on a GTX970/FX8350 @4.0Ghz/16GB RAM combo (Above 60FPS all the time at 1080p resolution).

AI's are very good mostly at the end of the mission and you can have some really cool dogfights with those nasty F15's.

Things to improve: explosions and overall particle effects (the colour of explosions are not as realistic and look "cartoonish" compared with the rest of the colour palette), sounds could have some more work (but not that are terrible at all, sounds work fine as they are now), the camera sometimes sticks to one side of the jet after a maneuver and you have to move the camera a bit to correct its position (add some fixed cameras to the back of the plane if possible), then the obvious texture work in the bases and cockpit of the planes (but you are working on that so that will be coming).

My major complain though...MORE MISSIONS!! And of course adding more maps/environments and planes/jets. (something that I'm sure you are wanting to do).

The best of luck with this project, it looks great, it plays great and it is fun and up to some points challenging. Great work and can't wait to see more of it in the near future. ;)

Thanks for giving it a playthrough!

I'm currently working hard to make this a full game. Hopefully it becomes a reality for me and you :)

I have been updating the game with more features and improvements and hopefully it improves the game in general with the added features. (Do note that this video is almost 2 months old)


(Edited 5 times)

Hi, nice game.

Some feedback


I would pay $15-20 if you release this right now on Steam as it is. Possibly up to $35 in the future depending on features.

Features Request:

I would like to see a replay viewing feature like in Ace Combat, where you could watch yourself flying the previous game, I watch replay a lot in Ace Combat and was sad to see that game took the feature out

Maybe even a feature where the player doesn't even fly, and could just sit and watch a bunch of AI planes fight from various camera angles, maybe have this view play in the menu background.

Also the loadout screen should display the number of shots each weapon has.

Replay feature is something I would like to try and tackle, but its quite low in the priority unfortunately.

But I do agree just watching planes fly around is cool.

The hangar will certainly get a overhaul at some point. Hopefully I can fit everything into the next demo.

In the mean time here is a video I uploaded a few months ago regarding the feedback from this particular demo.



Corei7 4790K @4.0ghz




You might want to look at your FPS caps. "Unlimited" seemed to place a 60fps lock, whilst on 144hz the FPS jumps to 200+ at the main menu.

Corei7 4790k @ 4.0ghz, 16gbDDR3 RAM, MSI GTX1070.

on "unlimited" (which seems to be a 60fps cap) - 60fps

cap 144hz - 80 - 120 fps avg, with the odd sub-80 dip when things got really hairy.


The gunsight - whilst interesting in design - is too fancy. Search any fighter jet's gunsight and they tend to be rather simplistic; for a lot of jets it's oftentimes a circle with a dot in the centre. I'd suggest either changing it, or taking a page out of War Thunder's book and giving a few options.

just two examples.


With the ability to take up to 3 SP weapons plus missiles, the ability to scroll back and forth between your weapons is paramount. Left and right are unused on the D-Pad, so that's an option.

The ability to "double up" and take extra ammo for weapons is actually well-implemented, and the fact you'll also be taking extra shots is cleverly executed.


Knowing how many of each weapon I have available to fire would be useful. eg, I get 3 SUGBs in the F-15 but depending on what I equip only one on the F-18.

Leading on, some kind of reload timer would be useful. Some suggestions - replace the oversized ammo count with a more detailed ammo count - eg. if I have XMAAs selected it'll tell me how many I have left to shoot alongside a timer for the next missile to reload. So a few ideas, with 4x XMAA:


COUNT - 19


RELOAD - 0.76s



COUNT - 19


RELOAD - 0.76s



note - [/\] - weapon loaded, [_] - weapon empty.

In both cases, the reload timer could also be replaced by a horizontal bar running in the background of the ready counter. HAWX and Ace Combat both tend to have a way to visually identify how long until a weapon is reloaded. A count of how many of each weapon is loaded shouldn't be too difficult, as the game is clearly capable of distinguishing between 4 and 6 XMAAs when I took a double shot of XMAAs in the F-15 in one sortie and XMAA / QAAM in another.

I say this because I spend a lot of time in the 1st person view, so I lack the visual aid from the 3rd person view most of the time.

In addition to joystick support, would head tracking be implemented at some point as well? I have a trackhat clip so if you need someone to test on that end, I'm happy to help.

Hello XandreUK!

Thanks for notifying me about the FPS limiter bug. I wasn't aware of that until now. I'll be sure to address that in the next build.

On to the gameplay feedback, I'm happy to say that most of them has actually been addressed. Not necessarily polished features or anything, but they are there for now.

As for Joystick support, I am currently in the R&D phase of that so I hope I can figure it out in time to implement it.

As for headtrack support I have yet to dive into that one. I'll certainly let you know if I need testers for headtracking.


I liked the version very much. 21:9 support is great!

My Specs are:

i7 4770k @ 4.5 GHz, GTX 1080 Strix Advanced Edition

Tested resolutions:

2560x1080 ~67 FPS //The game doesnt seem to make any difference between looking in the sky and being in combat

3440x1440 ~47 FPS //Seems to be scaling well but at higher resolutions AA is not needed ;)

I think the engine is handling just fine!

I would suggest some things: (some things are pretty obvious but meantioning them wont hurt)

1. Please introduce joystick support + any key mapping. (even for an arcade style game joystick support is just taking it to a whole new level)

2. Either I didnt found it or you need to give the player an option for deploying Flares.(eventhough the AI has them) I think it would be a good idea to have different kinds of countermeasures against different types of missiles (like ECM or something).

3. If you are going for something like HAWX or ace combat variety is very important, get as many different planes and locations as you can possibly get in there.

4. Don't be afraid to make the game a bit harder and try to introduce some different difficulty options.

5. A "safe mode off" feature where you have better turn ratios but less precision would be amazing.

6. Yet again correct me if I am wrong but selected enemies should be marked on the map/radar.

7. An advanced graphics options menu would be very important since depending on hardware some features just eat performance (e.g. AA at high resolutions).

8. Weaponary types should be explaned in the menu.

9. The menu should be compatible with gamepad.

If I come up with something I let you know (if you want my advice ;D).

Keep up the great work!

I just found out that both the gpu and the cpu are not working at full potential eventhough the fps limiter is on unlimited.

(Edited 1 time)

Hi INSERT, Thanks for giving it a play through!

Good to hear that 21:9 resolution works nicely :)

Rebindable controls and possibly joystick support is something I will work on in the future.

Flares will go under a major revision sometime in the future. I did go a bit overkill on the flares for the enemy (though they dont actually do much). I'll work on it further eventually.

Variety is definitely something that will be increased as I make more assets :)

Difficulty will certainly be worked on in the future.

I'm still considering the possibility of including a AoA unlimiter. I've rewritten the flying code a little bit so it may pave the way for that feature in the future. Not confirmed yet though.

The enemy selection is already visible on the radar though it is rather vague by just blinking on and off. I'll work on making it more intuitive in the future.

I'm aware of all the menu suggestions, I'll bring something like that the further I get into development.

As for your FPS limiter, I've just been informed that there's apparently a bug with the "Unlimited" option. Try setting it to "144" as that will limit your fps to the value of 144.

Thank you!

I also uploaded a video on some of the feedback that came in for this particular demo a few months ago :)

(Edited 1 time)

Wow thats a huge iprovement !!

I already adore the new hud gives all the information you need while being not overly intrusive. Will the shown version be available on itch for further testing? If so when will that be, because I would play the heck out of the night mission and the SU 27 :D

I just figured you could give some coparable stats to every plane in terms of manuverability, speed, and weapons capability as well as their function in real life ;).

Edit: maybe its a SU 35/37 I cant really tell :D

(Edited 1 time)

Oh definitely! The hangar will most likely receive an overhaul at some point as I'm not too happy with it at the moment.

New demo will come in due time. :)

(It's a Su-27)


Thanks for the answer :)

I will eagerly await the new version! (and the SU27 thank you for the hint).

For now I will play the demo more. If I find something I will let you know.

I have done some new FPS tests based on the unlimited fix:

2560x1080 145 FPS

3440x1440 80 FPS

5120x2160 (DSR) 35 FPS

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