A downloadable game for Windows

Project Wingman Alpha Demo

The current latest version is 0.4.1

Keep in mind that the demo is still in an early state.

Everything may change as the game goes further into development.

Project Wingman is an independently developed combat flight action game to be released on PC with an emphasis on fun and refined gameplay, true-to-its-roots inspirations, and an engaging single player experience. 

Perfect for those who aren't looking for a simulator experience with the ease of pick up and play, all the way to those who want a fast-paced challenging flight action game.

Full changelog will be posted on my Development Log below.

Any feedback can either go to :

Itch.io Comments Section

Twitter : @RB_Dev2

Development Log : rb-d2.tumblr.com

Email : wingmangamedev@gmail.com

Discord : https://discord.gg/9UekgVW 

Thank you for all your support!

I hope it meets your expectations.


Install instructions

It requires a 64bit machine with atleast DX11 capabilities.

Simply extract the file and run ProjectWingman.exe install UE4 prerequisites if prompted.

The game runs on Unreal Engine 4

Supports fully rebindable controls for Joystick and HOTAS users.


Project Wingman Kickstarter Demo 0.4.1 64-bit 1 GB

Development log


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WOW!!!! What a great game! I can't wait to see how it grows. Thank you for implementing support for flight sticks right from the start, and making such an accessible modern flight sim style game. I am a hardcore flight sim fan. Been playing flight sims since MS flight sim 1.0 and have played them all. This is excellent work!!!

You have single handedly restored my faith in Flight Sim developers.

The game is gourgeous. The only thing i cannot solve is the movement of the camera, I play with keyboard and mouse, i changed the settings of the movement controls but i can't unbind the camera. 

u can play better with ps4 controller rather than mouse and keyboard, just like u play ac in playstation

i don't have a ps4 lol, i bought the computer instead ;)

Amazing. I love how joystick controls are available but keyboard controls aren't just shat on. Smooth and easy to use. Intuitive. Took me about 30 seconds to get the controls down. Very fun. Great music too.

The weather in this game is so fantastic.  The tension of going from blue sky above the clouds to the dark storm below the cloud layer is so thrilling.

hiiii i am request to play game with to steam on origins key

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Really good looking game and specially Hard difficulty is very thrilling when you play in cockpit view :)

only 2-4  suggestions from my side:

try to put clear reflection on those cockpit mirrors, so you can see who is on your tail and include a pilot inside for cockpit view and animation pilot's hands using throttle and flight stick. Finally last and  a big one :  an airfield, you taxi out of hanger to runway, and take off, and after mission is completed you land your jet :)
Overall very good looking game and i'm hoping you will become one of the best developers of  air combat genre games, well you are half way there! :)

it would be nice if we can change the livery and color scheme of the aircraft. or is that already being planned on being integrated in the future?

There'll be plenty of camo, stealth and anime livery in the finished game

Gameplay Brazilian

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Hey devs, as someone who has graduated from playing the old Ace Combat games on PS2 to getting into flight sims such as DCS World and what have you not, I absolutely love that I have found a modern arcade flight combat game! There's nothing like being able to start up the game and get to blowing things up. No busy or technical work that takes hours of time and practice to get right.

This game looks and feels amazing. I will say that I agree with a few other users here when it comes to simple immersion or user-ease factors such as better audio, less HUD elements (this could be as simple as making it an option to be disabled, so players who wanted them could keep them and those who don't could just untick the box), maybe more realistic radio traffic, etc. And I know that single player is the primary emphasis right now, but PVP and coop would both be amazing.

I can't wait to see what VR will look like and it'd be great if I could get head tracking running with my ED Tracker + Opentrack. I haven't found a way to do that yet (can't bind the view axes in the settings menu) but support would be appreciated.

 I understand there's a lot of work to still be done, but I'm definitely happy with what I'm seeing!

ottimo davvero very good funziona con tutti i tipi di gamepad

se si usa x360ce_64 dopo bisogna settare il controller nei due settori

1) key binding e settare i comandi a fianco delle lettere della tastiera NO le lettere ma la relativa finestra a fianco o sotto e impostare i tasti del controller

2) andare su axix binding e completare  i settaggi del gamepad controller


1 word: Great. 

Anyway, when's the next version coming out? Like 2 see the full version of conquest. Answer PLZ!

EPIC!!! This game is awesome......11/10 easy. I love the fact that it makes me feel like an instant badass!!! should this ever release, i wanna be first in line.....


RB, this game is awesome. If this gets released on Steam as a F2P, it might get hit as hard as fortnite did. (Millions of downloads)

This game is absolutely amazing. If it's not already part of your plan, you should add multiplayer and maybe voice chat? So it will be as realistic as possible. I would buy it instantly. 10/10

Hi devs,

Just a suggestion in terms of the audio immersion. It would be great if there can be more radio chatter among the pilots in the game to give that sense where we are not just flying against machines, but rather "people" with characters. I've included my video here to see if this idea sits well (I used the AC0 soundtrack in this video, please don't sue me)

Also I find it a little anti-climatic when you do a head-on fly pass with another fighter and there isn't an audible jet roar. The jet roars would really give it a sense of immersion and chaos as the air battle rages on.

Other than that, the game is really looking good and I'm enjoying it. The difficulty level of enemy fighters in conquest is just to my liking . The difficulty of the enemy airships leave a little to be desired. Perhaps the guns on the airship do a little more damage?

Hi devs,

I'm available if you need a portuguese-translation.

Anyways, good work!


I think we need allies command in this game like ac zero, btw good game INSTA BUY on release 

Hi Devs,
I'm available if you need a french-translation. Thanks & congrats for your work!


I downloaded and try this game for the first time and I can say, it only took 30s into the first mission to send chills down my spine. Great work!

Although, i have a little trouble with game setting. I have a 1280x1024 monitor and wished to play on 1280x720 resolution (16:9) but the games stays at some 4:3 resolution, something 1000x800-ish

Btw, is the graphic really this demanding? I use gtx1050ti and had to play on low-mid setting for the gpu to not fry itself.

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the game runs on Unreal Engine 4. the 1050 Ti might have enough horsepower for it to be maxed out at 720p or at 1080p with some settings turned down a tad.  you can probably max it out with 1280 x 1024, unless your case doesn't have enough airflow. 

i run it on a 1060 Ti at 1080p with everything set to the max and i get a solid 60 throughout with V-Sync on even in the midst of a multi-plane clusterfuck in Conquest.

I love the latest Conquest mode is moar fun and challenging, the alert sound like a music in my ear ,I love it.


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Some things i'd like to suggest. If possible, make buttons like throttle, yaw and map be pressure sensitive for controller. With that when enlarging the map make it static instead of rotate along with showing the entire map. Could also color code enemies on the map to represent their health. Also this is just something that I noticed but there seems to be a slightly overwhelming amount of enemy fighters shooting at you at times and I would assume that's why we have a flare feature. My problem is that it makes no sense as enemy fighters don't use flares so it makes it seem like a bit of an unfair advantage. I'd say balance out the amount of enemy fighters and get rid of flares entirely. If that makes it sound too easy I noticed something else. SAMs are almost a non issue as they're nowhere near as aggressive as they should be. Possibly tweak the sam ai so they actually become a threat. Hope this helps.

Well, enemy fighters do have flares and they do not hesitate to use them -- it's that theirs simply don't work. Right now the game is not very well balanced and needs lots of polishing in the future.

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Hey, it's really an excellent game until now. Except I have some trouble with the padlock, I have to keep pressing the key to keep the padlock on, it's inconvenient. So can you set the padlock as the 4th view or use another key to turn on padlock by clicking once? By the way, will there be a multiplayer mode in the future?

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Hi, How i can did make the X360CE emulator work with the game? I have a control of xbox 360 but I want to play with my Sidewinder FF2 joystick, I do not want to use it in a native way since it is a joystick with Force Feedgback the vibration to accelerate the plane to the maximum I think I will not feel it unless I emulate the control of xbox 360 with the Sidewinder FF2 Joystick, I am using x360ce_X64.exe, it is already configured but inside the game it does not recognize me. Where should I paste the three emulator files in the main folder? Attached a link with the capture of the three files in the main folder .. I hope you can help the X360 control emulator works..Thanks


Hey, i alredy (sorry for my bad english im not verry good at it) downloaded but its givin me an "fatal error" it says "The global shader cache file 'C;/user/jorge/Desktop/Project Wingman KS Demo

0.4.1/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin' is missing." 

it is a much larger notification but if you need me to right it completely let me know and if you can help me too because i realy want to play it

nice! the 0.4.1 demo was great, finally smooth even in my laptop. Keep up! 

very nice

requirements pls


Multiplayer is not a priority but it would be nice to have co-op campaign.

If servers are not affordable then a peer to peer system would be great.

Apart from that everything is nice so far!

some glaring flaws that really get in the way of enjoyable flying, especially in the larger missions... a couple of suggestions

We need the ability to use head tracking in 3rd person, cockpit view is fun and all but I prefer to play these games to look at the pretty aircraft, being forced into 1st person lest i want to use the terrible padlock handicap isn't any fun at all and too restrictive.

could also really use the ability to disable HUD elements piece-by-piece and even move them, minimalist HUD is a laugh and still gives you so much worthless information, I do NOT want everything in the dead center of my screen, I'm a little bit busy trying to fly and pick the best targets for the moment. Constantly having WARNING and MISSILE INCOMING  plastered right in front of my face  during the base assault scenario was so frustrating I had to alt-f4 after 10 minutes of play. the RWR beeping and its red lights should be your missile incoming warning, end of story.

the new base attack scenario really shows the glaring flaws with the HUD, it should  be high priority for next update, there is so much junk on screen it makes playing the game with large amounts of enemies and friendlies absolutely nauseating.

maybe even give us the chance to hide friendlies with a simple click of a button, or even replace the large boxes with a simple blue dot that sits in the center of their model, the boxes are way too much.

another thing i forgot to mention, it would be nice to be able to exit out of the menu by pressing escape instead of having to press resume, also being able to use all the menu options through the keyboard would be nice, maybe be able to use the number keys above qwerty.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Third person headtracking has been noted! As for the HUD itself, I have received a few comments regarding the overall look and intuitiveness it is so it is something we plan to change in the future. And I'll see what I can do about the friendly markers.


I agree with this as well but i think it would be a bad move to scrap all the progress made on the hud so far. There is a lot of things that are great for arcade flyers and there is a lot to be desired for flight sim enthusiasts. I would say if you had the time. An advanced hud option would be better than minimalist hud. If( like he said) you allowed us to remove all hud elements including the holographic display. And have them to be enabled individually. Also if we could rearrange them in sectors on the screen ourselves on the fly. You should eliminate the complaints about whats on the hud.  Currently since the internals of the cockpit aren't 1:1 yet and all the buttons in the cockpit are mainly useless. It would be awesome if you could add some remap-able indication lights somewhere in the cockpit. Like in the SU27 there is a missile warning LED flashed between RED and Yellow for warning an alert. If we could replace the on screen warning with an indicator light in the cockpit mode it would greatly reduce the headaches. The missile lock on tone lock sounds also need some help. They  are way to loud even after adjusting the volume. We already get pretty clear indication when missiles are locked visually, to hear it audibly at such a high frequency for seemingly the entire game is very exhausting. A volume slider for missile lock and missile inbound beeping would be a great addition. And for people like me who hate high frequency sounds a pitch slider for those two noises would make a world of difference. Since they are the main noises heard in the game.

thank you very much for taking the time to read this! I can't wait until it's a state where you guys feel comfortable enough to sell, i can't wait to throw my money your way!

love the game so much!

I have a tiny bit of feedback on the air cruisers. I've seen/heard comments that right now they don't feel like a big threat but more just kind of a nuisance to shoot down, and I sort of agree.

It feels annoying to fire a volley of 8 MLAA's at a cruiser, just to only knock out one turret and the rest of the missiles are completely wasted because they hit the body at a bad angle and did no damage to the other turrets (I know that it's player error, and if I made sure to fire from straight above this wouldn't happen, but being forced into one attack angle adds to that 'chore' feeling of taking cruisers out).

Random suggestion: What if the cruiser's body had a set (large) health pool and every hit on the cruiser does damage to that pool, but destroying a turret/sub-system deals a significant chunk of damage to that pool (like 20% or something)? That way attacking the subsystems is still the most efficient way to kill them, but you don't end up with disappointing "misses" just because the angle wasn't quite right. I don't think any additional HUD element for the body health would be necessary, but just knowing that my shots are still doing something would make engaging the cruisers a bit less tedious.

As for the "not a real threat" feeling, I think the AA guns are the main culprit. A wide, random cone of bullets that rarely hit and only do 1-2% damage when they do doesn't give much feeling of danger. More accurate bursts that actually require evading could lead to cruisers (and ground-based AA guns) being something to actually respect and keep some distance from, rather than being able to fly straight over them without a scratch.

Just a thought to consider. I certainly don't think the cruisers are BAD in their current implementation; they're perfectly fine, but I do think they could be made a bit more interesting.


Appreciate the feedback! I think I may change the way the cruisers work so that your missiles wont simply count as a miss if it hits the main hull depending on how much that factors into gameplay. But we'll see how the community react to that change! Looking forward to your feedback on the next patch!


adding proximity airbursts from AA fire would make them more of a threat as well. honestly, the only sketchy Air Cruiser i encountered so far in there is the one in the last mission in Conquest. the one with fancy-ass railguns.

Will this game allow us to switch AI wingman for single player campaign? Because we can't do it in Ace Combat, which I think it's great if player can pick their own wingman for the story model or can be a feature to unlock after finish campaign at first time.

Currently wingman switching isn't planned. But there are some wingman features that we intend to implement depending on time constraints. Appreciate the comment!

When it comes to wingmen choosing, I believe one of the best games that pulled it off is MechWarrior Vengeance. Each wingman has a set skill in the beginning (one is better at A2A, one is better at A2G, one is better at reaction time, etc.) but as you bring them on more missions, their skills get better slowly.

What are the system requirements in the game and whether there is optimization, I'm probably blind or did not see the optimization but on my AMD Atnlo (n) II X2 3.40 GHz and 4 RAM and also on the vidyuh GT 630 (2GB) played flying on the minimum settings schedule on  10-24 fps.

try updating your graphics drivers. 

if that doesn't work, well.. you'll need a more powerful graphics card. the game runs on Unreal Engine 4.

I want to play this game with my PS4 controller but it is not working , can someone help please ?

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There are 2 ways I know of. The first is to connect and configure your controller through Steam. I believe that you'll have to add Project Wingman to Steam as a non-Steam game and launch it from there for this to work, but the controller setup seems pretty straightforward. The second option if you don't want to use Steam is to download and install DS4Windows to allow Windows to recognize your PS4 controller. In my case I also had to install PS4 Remote Play before my controller could be detected, but the plus side of this is that you can use the controller for any game, not just ones launched through Steam.

Hope that helps.

Thanks , it worked !


can you please put the minimum graphics down more ?


I'd like to request a Japanese translated version of Project Wingman if possible, just for text elements like the UI and subtitles for the dialogue. There are more than a few Japanese players who are interested in this game and I think the only thing holding them back is the language barrier. There are videos on YouTube and posts on twitter spreading awareness of this game to the JP audience already and I think it might be beneficial to have more players support the project if you can reach out to them.

I'm not asking to have it done if it's too much trouble or if it interferes with the development, I'm just voicing out my ideas in hopes of possibly opening up some options for consideration. Thank you for your effort on this project! We're all having fun with this game and I hope you do too! ^~^


We are talking with a few people regarding localization, especially Japanese localization. I hope to deliver news on that font soon! Thank you so much for the support!


This game is awesome I'd love it this is so much like the old ace combats so much but yet fixes the main flaw... ONLY TWO WEAPONS now I have THREE!!!

Is there a way to re-bind the flares button? I'm using my HOTAS and I can't find the flares bind key in options.

I believe it is in "Key Bindings" under SP module. I think that should be more clear as well. Since I see no difference between aircarft.

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Hey there! anyone have a download mirror? never had a problem with older versions, but now the download starts and give me an "server" error randomly and i need to start it all over again (im using Google Chrome, maybe i should try with firefox... idk.)

EDIT: downloaded with firefox! ty again for this last update

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