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!!! Project Wingman Alpha Test 4 !!!

Update 1 out now.

The current latest version is 0.2.10c.

Version C fixes the anti-gravity stalling issue.

Keep in mind that the alpha is still in an unfinished/unpolished state.

Everything may or may not change as the game goes further into development.

Key rebinding now is fully functional. Only missing a couple of features and resetting to defaults now is also functional!

I'm looking for feedback on all aspects right now so do let me know if something bothers you or can be improved about the demo. However just keep in mind that everything is still in the early stages but your feedback will mean that I will change my priorities on how important it is. Even nitpicks are okay!

Please make mention of the difficulty on your feedback. Even if you found the game too hard or too easy.

I am hoping that this demo is much more optimized than the previous one. That being said performance reports are still appreciated.Keep in mind the Last White number on top right of the screen and give me your CPU and GPU specification. Thanks!

Short Term Plans:

  • Second level to complete the public demo/alpha stage
  • Audio Overhaul
  • HD Cockpits for some of the older aircrafts
  • Get wave based mode working
  • Rebalancing the game
  • Add unique units and mini bosses

Future Plans :

  • Fully featured Campaign with story driven elements
  • Wave based survival mode
  • More Aircraft
  • Additional Weaponry and Arsenal
  • HD Cockpits

Any feedback can either go to :

Itch.io Comments Section

Twitter : @RB_Dev2

Tumblr : rb-d2.tumblr.com

Email : wingmangamedev@gmail.com

Donations are appreciated :)



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can i use an xbox one controller

AMAZING GAME but very hard

I recommend to put some hotkeys to the menus (Like Esc to return to the last menu) for a faster move between menus.

Minor issue: Controller and HOTAS custom controls do not save properly when game is closed, a rebind is required every time when I launch the game

Hi, I don´t have much experience with these kind of games but I´m a sucker for flying sims (arcade ones) and just want to say that I´m lonving this game, can´t wait to play more!!

I don't think I can properly judge or give feedback on these kind of games where I'm complete garbage at, sorry. The Ace Combat fans seem to be loving it for sure, maybe stop by /v/idya and ask them what they think of your game. They might be looking forward to 2018's Ace Combat, but I'm sure your game won't disappoint either. Good luck.

i love the game but when is there going to be morer jets.

I saw the Video and wow It looks good. I was wondering if you plan to make a VR Version

Made an itch.io account just to comment on this amazing game! This is all I ever wanted, a Ace Combat ish game on PC with UE4.

Works like a charm with X52 HOTAS, gameplay is fun and graphics are amazing.

PLEASE have giant aerial bosses in this game.

game graphics amazing good work

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Sinan Abi <3

This is awesome and it is free! The only problem is I hade to play with the controls a lot because the default controls are different from Battlefield XD

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Been playing this one available mission over and over again for like 4 hours today and will probably play it even more tomorrow. Considering it's a one man effort this game is outstanding. Had loads of fun. My rig is i5 3850k, gtx980ti, 8RAM, SSD and game never dipped below 60fps maxed out on HD screen. Coming from War Thunder, I felt discomfort with default control settings, when steering with keyboard and view with mouse in 3rd person view. It went a lot better when I have switched to cockpit view, but I still think 100% mouse steering alike WT would be more intuitive. (tried to change it in settings but that was quite tedious, couldn't get it right, so I gave up). Cockpit and hangar look very lo-res and bland, but this is to be expected during such an early stage. Waiting for more content. 10/10 would buy again. 

Super epic gameplay loved playing this can't wait for more.

Any plans for VR?

HELP! I tried to play the latest version of this game and after I press
launch, I get a 'Fatal error'. How can I solve this so I will be able to
play the game? I played earlier versions of this game and everything
worked out fine, so please can someone help me, so I can play this
awesome game again?!


This error may be associated with Anti-virus and/or outdated graphics drivers. Try updating your graphics drivers and disabling anti-virus and let me know if that solves the issue.


First of all - congrats on your Unreal dev grant! Obviously, you deserve that, you project shines. I am excited for things than may come now! :)
Small thing I am wondering, with kickstarter campaign coming, but I did pay something already here, what would be my options? Thank You.

Hey there! Thank you!

We're still figuring out the options for donators at the moment. I'll keep you updated.

Okay, got it! :) Will follow the news.

Latest update is amazing wish you could have modeled the planes from the previous version in but the music is a nice touch and the difficulty is just right 

Thank you! In due time they will all eventually be back in game again. 

Adding aircraft takes a while and we'd like to focus on the core gameplay at this moment. Stay tuned!

It plays wonderful man, you're one amazing indie dev, keep up the good work. There's however one idea i'd like to share with you. I prefer playing in first person for the immersion, the rendered cockpit HUD color will not change in accordance to the color you've selected in options. It would be sick if the rendered cockpit has huds that corresponds to the changes.

Added to my to do list!

i downloaded project wingman but then no app was installed so how do i actually open and play it

please help

did you download the game from  itch.io or from their application?

Search for the executable in ProjectWingman\Binaries\Win64


This. is. AWESOME! :D

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Simply amazing! As an avid fan of Ace Combat (since 2004) this brings back such beautiful memories, and I'm getting chills from just how beautiful this game goes. Sound design is well done (the BRRRRT from the cannon is just awesome, though the engine sound could use some work), graphics are beautiful (don't forget to add shock diamonds in the afterburners for better visuals), and runs pretty well, getting 70+fps average on maxed settings, though I wasn't paying attention to the counter that much :P (i7-6700HQ and GTX 1060). And that's all while it's in Alpha, astonishing! The Su-27 alone is already pretty awesome to fly, can't wait for your next update!

P.S. would be awesome if you bring an Ace Combat plane like the ADFX-02 :D

Just wow! This game blew my mind. The graphics are amazing, the controls are fantastic and realistic! Can't wait to see more from this game! 


This game, looks, sounds and plays better than a lot of flight simulators out there, and it's in alpha! There are a few things which i'm sure you know need to be addressed, more than 1 aircraft, more than 1 scenario, infinite survival mode sounds cool too. but other than that I had no issues with it, performance was solid and completely playable at high settings, graphics were great, and had a lot of fun even with only 1 scenario - would recommend 

This game is awesome amazing, but why the hell is the first scenario a night time one i cant see jack crap and dont know when im near something until i hit it.


That sounds like a current known bug. There is a known anti-virus false positive where it will delete the atmospheric files so I suggest you disable your Anti Virus software temporarily or whitelist the game files, and re-extract the game from the zip file.

Please let me know how it goes.


It feels and looks amazing! Keep it up!

Looks promising, I love it.

Not bad! Impressive! Now if only we could get ground attack missions, that would be amazing! This is much better than that Ace Combat Assault Horizon game that Bandi Namco produced. Any plans for helicopter missions or no?  (Throwback to the Strike series anyone?)

There are no plans for helicopters at the moment.

outstanding, fun to play can not wait for more planes and different modes. I would love if there was a night cycle because flying in the dark is awesome.

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I''m asking this, but my game only have 1 plane, it is the SU-27. Help me pls. I have seen many Youtubers like PhlyDaily have 4 planes

He removed the others for some reason, I dont know why

Had a ton and a half of fun delivering my date. Can't wait to see it finished!

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