Project Wingman Alpha 5 (Revision 2)

Alpha 5 patch notes!

Project Wingman Patch Notes  0.3.2


- Added new scenario from Perth Games Festival 2017 showcase "Chainlink". A multi-role showcase mission to preview A2G weaponry.

- Added F\E-18.
- Adjusted Sk.27 cockpit.
- Added flavor text to all flyable aircraft.
- Adjusted names for all aircraft in the game.
- Updated all flyable aircraft with higher fidelity models and textures.
- Adjusted weapon loadouts for all flyable aircraft.

Weapons :
- Added URKTS (Unguided Rocket Pods)
- Added MLAG (Multi Lock Air to Ground missiles)
- Added UGBS (Unguided Bomb)
- Overhauled missile behavior.
- Adjusted machine gun damage.
- Parameter adjustments for every armament.

Graphics :
- Adjusted lighting and post processing effects to be more consistent through multiple scenes.
- Ejecting pilots has been added into the game.
- Adjusted effects and mood in various weather.
- Reduced cloud and rain effects to reduce overdraw.
- New high detailed vegetation has been added into various environments.
- Added ground and water wake effects when flying close to the ground.
- New loading screen has been added.
- Revised various destruction effects to be more optimized.


- New difficulty options ranging from EASY, NORMAL, and HARD. (Please provide feedback on the difficulty on whichever one you play at)
- New HVT markers for high threat units.
- Improved camera behavior.
- UI is now fully normalized for gameplay related HUD. Controls:

- Removed Mouse Control mode. (Currently being overhauled)
- Arcade control scheme has been overhauled and is now usable.
- Controls UI overhauled.
- Adjusted cursor speed when using other methods of input.



- Various tracks by Jose Pavli has been added to multiple levels throughout the game


- Completely overhauled the hangar.
- New Hangar UI.
- Added various props in aircraft selection.


- Added rain audio.
- Added manoeuvering audio.
- Added ambient audio.
- Added ambient radio effects.
- Added cloud ambient effect.
- Overhauled player engine audio.
- Overhauled cockpit engine audio.


- Added level streaming so loading screens are no longer static.
- Added various color options to HUD color.
- Main menu has been completely overhauled with a new appearance.
- Added alternate keyboard/gamepad buttons to accomodate "back" function in various menus.
- Added Imperial measurement units


- Fixed weapon cycling issue for those using weapon cycle command as opposed to the d-pad or numbers.
- HUD no longer appears during missile cam.
- Various other little bug fixes but i can't remember them because i didn't keep track of them (oops)

Patch Notes 0.3.2c

Weapons :
- STDM Guidance Factor has been changed from 6.5 -> 5 (Lower is better)
- STDM Lockon Range has been changed from 2000m -> 2800m
- STDM detonation radius is 10% smaller
- MLAA Input Cap has been increased from 1 -> 1.5 (Higher = snappier)
- Variable Guidance Factor has been changed from "-3 to 2" -> "1 to -1"
- Variable Guidance range changed from 0->90 degrees to 0->180 degrees
- MLAG ammo count has been reduced from 28 -> 14 per weapon slot
- URKTS ammo count has been reduced from 26 -> 12 per weapon slot

Bug Fixes :

- Changes has been made on how FPS cap settings apply at the start of the game. Will need feedback whether it works or not on game start
- Adjusted Gun Firing Particle, which was especially prominent on the F/E-18 cockpit view
- Fixed HUD size in resolutions greater than 1080p (up to 4K)
- Removed "Caps Lock" key dev toggle
- Lock on element visibility fixed where it would be obstructed by objects
- Bombs now can now hit air units
- Bomb now emit explosive sounds
- Adjusted Bomb Widgets so it's more consistent with the rest of the UI
- Fixed where cockpit HUD would be visible in missile cam
- Fixed where vibration would persist when the player has finished the mission or crashes
- Fixed compass bearing where it would show 000 instead of 360
- Fixed level streaming where it packages every single map in the Project file causing it to bloat deployment size

Graphical Changes :

- Reduced cloud and rain effects intensity to reduce graphical overdraw

Project Wingman 0.3.3 Patch Notes

Weapons :
-Variable Guidance Values has been changed from 1.5 -> -1 to -1 -> 0.5 Reverted back again because it made it too likely that the missiles will hit when fired from a bad angle
-Variable Guidance range changed from 0->360 to 0->120 Made the range where it gets variable guidance smaller so the behavior of the missile is more consistent

-STDM initial guidance cone has been reduced from 120 degrees to 45 degrees Made it so the missiles are less likely to receive guidance when fired from a ridiculous angle and sometimes causing them to do a complete U turn towards the enemy.
-STDM detonation radius has been decreased by 5%
-STDM Guidance Factor has been changed from 5 -> 5.25 (Lower is better)

AI :
-Adjusted Normal Difficulty AI behavior to be more aggresive
-Adjusted Hard Difficulty AI behavior to be extremely aggressive
-Adjusted player damage modifier in HARD difficulty (0.65 -> 1)
-Adjusted behavior on multiple aircraft to homogenize the performance for consistency

Bugfixes/Misc :
-Player destruction effect when shot down has been adjusted.
-Fixed gunsight being hidden by smoke
-Adjusted Bomb sight pipper to be smaller
-Adjusted gun pipper to be smaller

Project Wingman 0.3.4 Patch Notes
-Adjusted spatial audio effect in the cockpit
-Adjusted rain effect visuals to increase visibility
-Chainlink music track updated to the latest version
-Disabled debug keys for world origin rebasing
-Fixed an issue where lock sound would persist after level ends
-Changed FOV configuration to use vertical FOV instead of horizontal FOV

Project Wingman 0.3.4b Patch Notes
-Fixed broken audio for cockpit sound
-Fixed smoke appearing suddenly upon facility destruction
-Upgraded textures of all aircraft
-Reverted faction specific aircraft liveries to generic liveries for demo purposes
-Fixed UI resizing issue
-removed debug gears

Project Wingman 0.3.5 Patch Notes
- Added new Cirrus clouds
- Tweaked missile particles
- Changed scenario mission order
- Tweaked UI settings
- Opened up Chainlink map
- Adjusted placement of enemy reinforcements in Chainlink
- Optimized performance by 20-30% on certain hardware
- Adjusted subtitle font to be more readable

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

- RB-D2


Project Wingman Alpha Demo 0.3.5 64-bit 1 GB
Feb 21, 2018

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