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well this has been hugely improved,also i'm pleased to say that norton 360 didn't try to remove any files this time.


msi ge60 2pe apache pro gaming laptop with windows 10 home:

i7-4700HQ @2.4GHz

12GB ram

gtx 860m gpu

every setting left at default from start - no motion blur and all max settings,i was getting between 30 - 36 did dip down to 28 in rain clouds but not for long and got up to 44 at high altitude.

i do have one major (for me) complaint,i always use nose cam on the AC games so obviously i would use it on this.unless i'm missing a setting there is no mini map for that camera.i find it hugely useful for seeing orientation of enemies at a glance so i don't want to say about difficulty because i'm struggling to tell when an enemy is directly behind me and keep dying.i'll have to try getting used to 3rd person for now just to try finishing it.


Performance looks to be as expected, Thanks for giving it another playthrough!

With the nose cam, You can try disabling "Cockpit Minimalist HUD" in "Gameplay Settings" to restore the old HUD. I enabled it by default to see what the reactions for it are. I suppose I should disable it for the nose cam though. Noted!

thanks,that is much better,it took me about six attempts but i managed to beat it.there is certainly a challenge there especially the ending which was bordering on frustrating,i don't want to spoil anything for others.i definitely wouldn't say it is easy.

one thing i didn't try because i assume it isn't in there yet is leaving the play area to resupply ammo,are you planning a landing mini games like the AC games ?

I have received a lot of feedback regarding the difficulty. I do agree that it may be frustrating so I will eventually rework the enemy so it's challenging but not frustrating.

Currently not at a high priority for resupplying but depending on the map it will effect whether resupplying is needed or not.


i think the difficulty comes mostly from the plane we were given to use,if there was a faster more manoeuvrable plane then i would expect to blitz through the theory ;)

one recommendation,if you are going down the unlock planes as you play through route (whether by money/points/xp) i humbly request once the game is complete there will be a select mission with any unlocked plane option.of course the problem with that is there will probably need to be a lot of planes to unlock depending on game length,which will be a lot of work for you.

Game looks amazing! I love all the little details like the vapor cone when you break sound barrier.

The FPS count is high on highest detail settings and 1920x1080 res it looks like this on my PC (i5 6600K 3,5GHz, GTX970 4GB VRAM,16GB DDR4 RAM).

The new cockpit and music and voice-overs are great and adds new quality to your game. The difficulty could be lowered however. I got my ass kicked several times now ☺

Hello RB-D2
I have been watching a lot of videos about wingman. Everything feels better now with dat BGM !!! I am happy a great game like wingman get such a good soundtrack and VAs.

awesome job! Reminds me a bit of Nier Automata but with its own flavor keep up the good work!

RB-D2 Hello

Project Wingman Alpha Test 4 is wonderful.

Because it corresponded to the usb joystick, the controllability improved greatly.

In addition, graphics and effects have improved, reality has increased.

Here i7 2600k and gtx 1060 6g keeping 70fps during the game.

I do not know how to use chaff and flare, so joystick

If you can bind to key, you will have more fun with CAMEPLAY.

I am developing and supporting you.

I bought this game, right after this new 0.2.9 version came out. Absolutely fantastic. "Alpha"? By content quantity - maybe. By quality - it is AAA. My flightstick (Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro) configures good (did not try hat-switch anything yet), pitch, roll, yaw, throttle - everything okay. Visuals - oh, my... i don't even start. Just go see it. Wow. Difficulty of current mission - fine for me. I die for now before they all do, but that's just me with very little "flight hours" here :)
Thanks for this Game !!

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Just downloaded the 0.2.9 version and I can't seem to change aircraft, maybe it's Su-27a only?

My game controller doesn't work as default so I went to customize the controls. Once clicked to configure the control there isn't a way to not do anything (keeping it unbound) especially the axis config. Also descriptions aren't very useful, 2 thrust axis for example.

Can't find button for decoys.

Controls doesn't seem to work that well for me, it acts as if controls are stuck. Plane either want to fly up all the time or a combination of that and flying to one side.

Thrust is weird, I set one button as inverse and it works as decelerate but on the second game it was behaving weird. Pulling up also for some reason activate the air brake.

Second play around I couldn't change weapons.

Reset button doesn't seems to work for me.

Haven't been able to play much, The first game was the only one that worked almost perfectly (except no decoys) afterwards it got worst. I'll wait for the next update.

Hey there, I've just uploaded version 0.2.9b with a few hotfixes.

There's new instruction text in the controls rebinding screen. In a few weeks when I have the time I will fully implement resetting keys to default. In the meantime the workaround should work. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The reason why theres 2 axis for Thrust and you can invert them or not is because some Joysticks Register 2 axis as 1 axis. and vice versa (1 axis as 2 axis) which is why the configuration works like that for now.

I'll try to fix that in the future.

The Su-27A is the only aircraft in the current demo. I will be adding more soon.

Please let me know how it goes.


Hi RB, the hotfixes with the instructions are great. Nonetheless, I seem to share Echoco's problem with the sticky thumbstick controls as well. I would roll or pitch with the sticks, and when I release them, the plane sometimes goes back to a neutral position, but more often than not it keeps going in the same direction. I might be having stick drift here, but I've done all I can to check that that's not the case. Could you see if there's anything you can do on your end?

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Hey ghost, is it a deadzone issue? I'll be adding those in the next update hopefully. I'll have to see this in video to have a better idea I think.

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I'm using a PS3 style controller (Giotech VX-2 if you must know), with x360ce to make it compatible. With or without the deadzone setting in the emulator, my problem still occurs.

I've tested the controller on another game (Rebel Galaxy) with the x360ce as well, and I didn't experience this problem.
EDIT: added a video (

Hmm okay, can you show me what the controls settings screen for your pitch and roll looks like?


Hi, How did you make the X360CE emulator work with the game? I have a control of xbox 360 but I want to play with my Sidewinder FF2 joystick, I do not want to use it in a native way since it is a joystick with Force Feedgback the vibration to accelerate the plane to the maximum I think I will not feel it unless I emulate the control of xbox 360 with the Sidewinder FF2 Joystick, I am using x360ce_X64.exe, it is already configured but inside the game it does not recognize me. Where should I paste the three emulator files in the main folder? Attached a link with the capture of the three files in the main folder .. I hope you can help the X360 control emulator works..Thanks

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Just wondering, but what is the button for the flare for the 0.2.9 Demo? I love this game btw, reminds me of my good ol' days playing Ace Combat. And in the settings the Back and Reset Buttons are overlapping with the regular settings, anyways to fix that?

One qustion for the dev - are you plan to implement any head tracking ability through Track IR or VR headsets?

super jeux ce serait cool une compatibilité Avec le hotas warthog et j aimerais beaucoups voir un clone du rafale dans ce jeux

super jeux ce serait cool une compatibilité Avec le hotas warthog et j aimerais beaucoups voir un clone du rafale dans ce jeux

This is the best free flight simulator I have ever played! I was absolutely blown away, keep up the amazing work :D


This game needs mac version


Great game, however, I seem to get an average of 8 FPS...

I run windows 10, 4x AMD A6 7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics

Not sure what to do about this problem

Really good. Seems rather hard to pitch down. Not sure if it is supposed to be like that.

Never got below 58fps on high settings with a 1070 and i5 6600K.

For how early in development this game is, it is truely amazing!

A great starting point! Played with an Xbox 360 controller and it feels very similar to Ace Combat. Definitely a product of the UE4 with sharp plane models and smoke effects.


GPU: Gigabyte GTX 950 Windforce

CPU: i3-4170 at approx. 3.7ghz


OS: Windows 8.1

High settings at 48-60 fps, ran smoothly.


1. Pitching down is rather difficult with a gamepad, as if the sensitivity wasn't tweaked enough (maybe this was intentional)

2. Maybe move the button to switch weapons to a more convenient spot (you switch weapons often but rarely need to look at the map)

This game is great for an alpha and I'm sure with normal progression (more planes/weapons/maps etc.) it will develop into a fine homage to Ace Combat.

i love it keep going dont stop. its better then ever. only one thing if mouse controle keep the plane upright do not let it follow the mouse blindly so if you point down dont let the plane flip

thats all o and a little gif for what every equiped rocket or missile still dont know what they all are


This is a game that I always wanted. I never could understand why there's no games like this... Very fun to play, looking very further into this! Take my money, take all what it needs, just make it so you won't give up on this masterpiece, and that you will success on it!

The more features and stuff this game would have, the higher it'll cost, and if it won't have any or at least some, the lower it'll cost. This kind of game with a lot of features and stuff, probably should go around the 15 to 25 dollars.

Looking very damn further into this!

i cannot seem to get it to download properly, it does download 100% but when i attempt to play it, the game crashes

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Interesting alpha game with some potential

Some Possible improvements:

Proper mouse aim:I know that the mouse aim that is already implemented is experiential but it is god awful. The keyboard controls on their own just aren't good enough and need to be combined with mouse aim that is similar to War Thuner's KBM controls.

Original fighter system sounds: Everybody loves the good old growl sound of the aim 9 sidewinders lock tone. Just take a look into Falcon 4.0's sound files for the original system sounds of an F-16.

Missiles designed for particular purposes: I.E. SAM missiles shouldn't be able to lock onto ground targets as that is for AGM's

More realistic radar: I know that this is supposed to be an arcade game but it won't hurt to make the radar a little more realistic and unique. For example you could have the radar do a search Patten (with delay) 270 degrees ahead of the aircraft's nose cone to make it more challenging to find and lock onto targets. This could be combined with a Missile Approach Warning System to provide a 360 degree view of incoming missiles.

-those are just some of my thoughts to make the game more unique but off course you can do whatever the hell you want with your project. Keep up the good work.

Anyway onto how my system ran the game


Processor: Intel Core i7-2600k (30% max usage)

Graphics: GTX 1060 MSI Gaming X 6G Edition (70%-100% usage)

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3

Ram: 16GB DDR3

Power supply: AX860 860 watt 80 plus platinum Certified Fully Modular PSU

Software: Windows 10

Ran around 55-60 FPS on very high settings, 1080p

You've missed the point with your suggestions. This aims to be Ace Combat-like arcade flight game. And although at first it may seem odd to have "universal" missile for air and ground targets, it's the way it was in Ace Combat games. All the "special weapons" are specialized though.

So you have QAAMs (highly manouvreable missile - like AIM9x or ASRAAM in RL), XMAAs (medium range active missile wchich you can engage multiple targers at the same time - equivalent of AMRAAM), XLAA (similar to XMAA but with longer range although less manouvreable - let's say it's AIM-9 Phoenix in RL), SAAM (semi active missile which you must mantain a lock for it to guide - AIM-7 Sparrow).

For ungided air-to-ground you have UGBS/UGBM/UGBL (ungided bombs, like MK-82/83/84 with CCIP delivery symbology), FAEB (Fuel-Air-Explosive-Bomb) - ungided bomb filled with fuel which when combined with air creates large blast, BDSP (bomblets dispeser), RCL (unguided rockets), SFFS (Self Forging Fragmentation Submunition) - cluster-like bomb with sensor fused bomblets,

Guided air-to-ground are also plenty - XAGM (equivalent of AGM-65 Maverick), LAGM (SLAM), LASM (Harpoon), GPB (guided penetration bomb).

And plenty more, with several unique special weapons like tactical lasers, multi purpouse burst missiles and even ECM pods. So as you can see there is plenty to choose from.

The Sidewinder growl would be cool but in real life it corresponds to IR sensor feedback while in Project Wingman the missile lock is universal to all guided weapons and it would be strange to hear the growl while locking on some bunker with guided bomb. Maybe if it was limited to "standard missile" air targets and QAAMs?

Playing on:

AMD FX 8350

Nvidia GTX 960 FTW 4GB

Was averaging between 30 - 60 FPS on Very High, 1080p

This is exactly the type of game ive been wanting to play for years. It reminds me so much of AC5 and AC6. Next time i have some money, ill make sure to send some your way! Keep up your fantastic work!

With a:

-Intel Core i5 4460 3.2Ghz

-Gtx 1060 3GB DDR5

I got 58-65 fps on 1920x1080 res with max settings.

I love the type of gameplay this game presents to us. Looking forward to the development of it!

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Great game! Reminds me of TC's HAWX series.

With a OC'd FX-8320 and OC'd R9 285 (both on water so consistant clocks) I was getting 40-50 fps during action and 60 during the bits in-between, on v-high settings. I'm upgrading to Ryzen soon so I'll test it on that when I get it.

Edit: Forgot to add that this was at 1080p

I would love to see a mouse control system like the one in War Thunder.

The elevator seems to be bugged, as it doesn't really do anything when given negative elevator

Other than that, aside from things I'm sure you'll add in the future, this is a pretty solid alpha build!

P.s: Can I has SU-35?

The gameplay really reminds me the "Top gun" game serie on Playstation !

It's simple, it's really neat, UI is clear and sufficient = great fun !

"Top Gun" game had a fun features ; it had "boss" planes like big bombers or tiny little and hard-to-shoot drones, it would be a nice addition at the end of a mission !

This game is somewhat a new kind of "HAWX", also a good game serie !

Keep up such good work ! It looks amazing ! And it's amazing !


XDD Please keep developing it has so soo many potential!





私はi7で60 fpsを確保しました5960x Titanx(パスカル)

I also found a bug where an airplane collides against the ground

So, as mentioned before, I will be giving feed and so far I love the game, and I can totally see this taking off in the future once shes polished more, and some more content.

My one main issue thus far in terms of game play is the Negative elevator (using an Xbox controller here) seems to be a bit, for a lack of a better word, unresponsive. Other than this I love the game and it does bring back Memories of Ace Combat.

In Terms of performance my Alienware 17:

- GTX 970M

- Intel i7-4720HQ @ 2.60 GHz

- 7.89GB Ram

Seems to have no issues running the game while still making it look good. Not going to mention any content suggestions atm simply because as it stands now it is more than enough, and I fully expect in the future for more stuff to come.

Love the good work keep it up!!

first thing first,norton 360 antivirus hates your game (well your game files at least).it removed the exe file and about 80 other files as suspect (i honestly lost count) a mixture of quarantined and removed,mostly simul and Qt5 files although there are others.just so you know you can contact symantec and submit the files so they can check them and add them to their exception list if you want.

i restored all the files so onto the game itself,i tried it out on an msi ge60 2pe apache pro gaming laptop with windows 10 home:

i7-4700HQ @2.4GHz

12GB ram

gtx 860m gpu

i'm getting between 27 to 32 fps on high settings.i loved ace combat 3 on ps1 and the two ps2 games,i believe you have captured the feeling of those games excellently and am looking forward to playing a story through this game.hopefully improvement in game engine will get me a better frame rate.keep up the good work.

Maaaan, Norton sucks ass. Norton and McAfee need to just cease, to be honest. Terrible terrible pieces of software. Good feedback nonetheless though :)

Thank you for letting me know. I'll have to investigate further and submit the files to Norton in the future if it's not whitelisted on the next release.


I will sacrifice my first born child if you add HTC Vive support.

When I get my hands on one, I will eventually try to get VR support in. :)

Hey is there any word of a new update? I played this a lot when i downloaded it, but it has been 4 months now without any updates. I appreaciate the work so far though


In a few weeks :)

Hello, Will there be regular updates for this game or do you updated it once everything in the update has been polished up? I want to tell my friend about this game but he doesn't like playing early alpha games.

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On my i5 6600K@3.5GHz with GTX970 and 8GB RAM it runs fine on max settings:

Also the new cockpit of the Su-27 looks awesome! Can't wait for the new demo.

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RB-D2, this game looks awesome and it looks fun, except for one thing. I'm on Mac, so is this game going to be compatible with Mac in the future?

Do your best to reply, if you can't thats fine.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac on my end at the moment so I can't develop a Mac version right now.

Could you ever develop a mac version ever?

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