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This. is. AWESOME! :D

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Simply amazing! As an avid fan of Ace Combat (since 2004) this brings back such beautiful memories, and I'm getting chills from just how beautiful this game goes. Sound design is well done (the BRRRRT from the cannon is just awesome, though the engine sound could use some work), graphics are beautiful (don't forget to add shock diamonds in the afterburners for better visuals), and runs pretty well, getting 70+fps average on maxed settings, though I wasn't paying attention to the counter that much :P (i7-6700HQ and GTX 1060). And that's all while it's in Alpha, astonishing! The Su-27 alone is already pretty awesome to fly, can't wait for your next update!

P.S. would be awesome if you bring an Ace Combat plane like the ADFX-02 :D

Just wow! This game blew my mind. The graphics are amazing, the controls are fantastic and realistic! Can't wait to see more from this game! 


This game, looks, sounds and plays better than a lot of flight simulators out there, and it's in alpha! There are a few things which i'm sure you know need to be addressed, more than 1 aircraft, more than 1 scenario, infinite survival mode sounds cool too. but other than that I had no issues with it, performance was solid and completely playable at high settings, graphics were great, and had a lot of fun even with only 1 scenario - would recommend 

This game is awesome amazing, but why the hell is the first scenario a night time one i cant see jack crap and dont know when im near something until i hit it.


That sounds like a current known bug. There is a known anti-virus false positive where it will delete the atmospheric files so I suggest you disable your Anti Virus software temporarily or whitelist the game files, and re-extract the game from the zip file.

Please let me know how it goes.


It feels and looks amazing! Keep it up!

Looks promising, I love it.

Not bad! Impressive! Now if only we could get ground attack missions, that would be amazing! This is much better than that Ace Combat Assault Horizon game that Bandi Namco produced. Any plans for helicopter missions or no?  (Throwback to the Strike series anyone?)

There are no plans for helicopters at the moment.

outstanding, fun to play can not wait for more planes and different modes. I would love if there was a night cycle because flying in the dark is awesome.

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I''m asking this, but my game only have 1 plane, it is the SU-27. Help me pls. I have seen many Youtubers like PhlyDaily have 4 planes

He removed the others for some reason, I dont know why

Had a ton and a half of fun delivering my date. Can't wait to see it finished!

pretty damn cool !


One thing i would like to see in this game is the pilot in first person. It would be cool seeing the pilot move inside the plane while doing stuff, ex when you are turning the plane around the pilot moves the stick etc.

Amazing game, been waiting for one like this my whole life. 10/10

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I use a HOTAS when I play this game, but everytime I close the game, I'll have to rebind the inputs when I open the game again. I'm using a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X . Is this an issue with the game, or with my system?

That's fairly strange, the input should save properly. I will investigate it.

Thanks for letting me know!

I love This game. Only onething could make the game more epic and that is VR support. Pls add Vr  support.

Love this game and love the way its heading. Keep up the good work!


you have all the enemy planes figured out so could we get some more player vehicles

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This game is really awesome. I love playing this game.

I have a few suggestions. The sounds of the jets are a little bit off in my opinion. Like when you hit the afterburners it sounds  washed out. It does not have that "crisp" sound(That's the best that I can explain it.) a jet usually has. Number 2.  I'm pretty sure you are improving the looks of the game, so sorry if this will annoy you.  I think that the afterburners can look a little bit better and more realistic. Number 3 I also think you should be able to give Hitman 2 commands like to attack a specific targets and also to defend you. That will be really cool. I'm also hoping that you can give us really big battles just like the first alpha in the future .

That's all I have to say. Keep up the good work because this game is really fun and I enjoy it. I love where this game is going!



This game is truly beautiful in every aspect for it being so early into development, playing all the previous ace combat games I loved that you used the default layout from those games to this one for a game pad. As everyone else is saying the game is lacking content but I really really hope that's being worked on and this game is being expanded because I support it 100%. As for the difficulty I was able to beat the last 2 fighters on my second try so it was a little easy for me. This game is also optimized beautifully for being such early access I have an i5-6600k over clocked to 4.4 GHz and a GTX 980 and I would stay around 70-80 fps the only times I ever dropped frames was when I shot down an aircraft and went through the explosion it would drop down to around 20 or so which was to be expected, also one bug I found was the one time I died I was getting locked on to by another aircraft so after I had died the missile warning/lock on sound kept playing until I restarted the mission. Other than that it was a beautiful experience and I look forward to where this game is going!

This is such an amazing game!!! For an unfinished game on, the graphics are Crytech worthy and the gameplay is so fun!! I can't past the fourth squadron encounter and I still play this all the time. I do wish for different difficulties because, after a certain point, the enemy fighters become extremely aggressive and for more planes (specifically the F14 and SR-71).  I really enjoy switching between the three viewing modes and the missile systems are really easy to use. I would definitely greenlight this on Steam (if you're going to), even more so if you had multiplayer support.  All in all, great job, keep on going, and please turn this into an actual game!!!


Honestly this game is amazing without VR, even though that would be cool. The UI is so beautiful which is rare to see in indie games. As of right now, everything is good, but it is low in content. The only thing to really do is to wait fro your missiles to reload and then fire. There should be things where the battles are lower and there are more obstacles to dodge like in Star Fox 64, but obviously more open world. If you choose to implement a sandbox mode or a mode where you just mess around, there should be a "out of combat" speed where you can just zoom to where your enemies are, since I had to wait awhile to get to the next squadron. 

top work!!!!! lovin it,

give us VR support ASAP and this thing flies off the shelf!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease hahahahaa ;)


Well i enjoyed myself (this was with a Game pad)

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This game is extremely fun! And thank you for allowing custom key binding, I was able to play with a joystick, which is the best kind experience.  Graphics are very stunning and love how if you go through stormy clouds water, gets on the glass very good touch. Sounds in this game are amazing by the way.

Now for the Difficulty, Not going to lie, but I had to die about at 30+ times wished there was some kind of training mode. However, it’s felt awesome after I was able to kill every single one of aircraft with ease. Expect for the special aircraft that was intense.   In short, it's hard in the very beginning but it’s well worth the reward you give the game patients and experience with the weapon

Anyway thank you for making such an awesome game and can't wait to see more aircraft, and Weapons.


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Just downloaded it,plugged in my DS4 and played it a bit.Felt right at home (coming from Ace Combat).Cant wait to see more of this.Didnt see much in the way of bugs,yet (still testing),except the AI aircraft "bouncing" at low alt.Visuals are nice,and it runs  around 60-70 FPS maxed out.Did experience some stuttering,but its probably a issue on my end (had this with quite a few other games).

(Hardware specs: i5 4670,16 GB RAM (1666mhz),R9 290X,all running on standard clocks on Win 10 Pro)

BTW-dont know if this is useful to you,but theres a page that has flight manuals and other things for various aircraft avaiable to read online (this includes some of the more "special" aircraft,like the YF-12,F-117 and YF-23):


I just gave the tech demo a try for the first time, and, I have to say: WOW. I'm playing a mouse and keyboard, so I'm probably not getting the most out of the game, but still. You guys are doing excellent work with this. If you're needing any assistance, I'm willing to provide what I can. I'm a 3D Modeler, and have a JANES Aircraft Recognition Guide laying around my apartment somewhere. If you want examples, just look me up on Deviant Art.

Beyond that, I don't have much more I can really say at this time. The game looks to be coming along well though, so, by all means, keep plugging away at it.

Tank50us Out.


I noticed one glitch with the enemy aircrafts: when they seem to be headed towards the terrain or the mountain when dogfighting low , at just the last second before hitting the ground they "bounce" off in an non natural way  they just instantly change course , would be nice to see them crash accidentally though , also the enemy flares don't seem very effective, except from that great work i would love to see some effects when fliying low above the water. CHEERS

This would be awesome... Flying low above the water with some splashes on the cockpit, e.g.

Those 2 advanced fighters was so OP compared to the SU-27 you gave they wiped me out in 2 shots lmao


Gave the game a go tonight and it's exactly what I've been looking for, bar one thing - VR support. 

Played a lot of flight games recently using my X52 Pro and really want an AC like game with HOTAS support and so far this is fantastic. 

Being frustrated with the utter lack of arcade flight games, I actually started building one last night. Admittedly I only spent an hour or so in UE4 but got my HOTAS working through the raw input plugin, and got a modified VR version of the flight template running with full pitch/roll/yaw/throttle (rather than  the wierd yaw/roll combo it has by default).

Then I discovered your work.

Id love to help add basic VR/Vive support for you if that's something you'd consider (as long as you're using blueprints - been a Dev for 10yrs but as an artist with a fair bit of experience with BPs). 

I play in VR using TrinusVR and it works surprisingly well, but i would love to see an actual vr mode implemented in the future!

1 Bug Only > For Some reason, the selected aircraft can only be targeted (ie. the one with the arrow on the HUD) This means I cannot target enemies when dogfighting that are not the one the game specififfes.

You right click to change targets.


controls are hard on keyboard for moving

Impressive! I was really immersed in the atmosphere, with the sound effects, and the choice of music. The controls were superb on a gamepad, and were still great on a keyboard. The only thing that had me struggle a little was trying to map the gamepad. I was using a PS4 controller, perhaps small image visuals of both the Xbox and PS4 controller with the respective button names might help some people with mapping!

Will there be F22s any time soon? I'm also wondering, since the update, I havent been able to play the older scenarios or the other aircraft that were available. I miss my F15 and F18 :(

Could you please email me a copy of the first version of the game?  thanks!

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