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Bug Report:

Played on Windows 7 with an HD3000 intel graphic card (1.5 GB Ram, DirectX11/OpenGL 3.3  compatible,  and driver version, when the logo/splash screen game is first displayed a couple of error messages pop out and then game crashes.

At this link you can find some screenshots: Project_Wingman_BugReport

Thanks for your attention and your work.


Played about an hour

Run Above 70+FPS with all setting max


GTX1070 8GB

16GB DDR3 2200Mhz

Controls are perfect with 360 controller. the Chainlink with hard feel a bit easy compare to clear sky on Hard. The Visual is just mind blown for indie. You sir nailed everything right so far. Keep it up and looking forward to future release 


Just Amazing Game

Ryzen 7 1700X

RX470 4GB OC

16GB DDR4 @2133Mhz (Unfortunately, my PC has some stability issues when trying to bump it to 3000Mhz, 2800Mhz might be safe sometimes, but that's not game related anyway)

Every setting bumped to the maximum with render resolution at 100% at 1080p and game runs great, don't notice any hiccups whatsoever, stable 60fps at both missions!


Great game, graphics can be incredible and heavy, or minimal and light, so most machines can run it fine!

But, the controls menu is really disorganized . And there should be some way of controlling sensitivity, as the game was very hard to play with my joystick. Also, there's a sound, I believe the radar warning sound, that once it starts playing, never stops, not on the pause menu, not on the main menu, it just does not stop playing.

Great job though, keep it up!


Hello! Here are some bugs I found during testing. As a sidenote, I played this game with an Xbox 360 controller:

1. Once you stop looking around in third person, the camera locks itself in this position. It can easily be fixed by performing a quick camera movement, however, it's somewhat annoying.

2. While holding the "Y" on the Xbox Controller to chase an enemy with the camera, if you press the menu button while doing so, once you leave the menu the camera will keep chasing the enemy even if you have stopped pressing the "Y" button. As with the aforementioned bug, this can be fixed by performing a quick camera movement.

Now, the upcoming feedback is somewhat nitpicky but I believe it's worth noting:

3. There are no visual effects when shooting at water with the gun.

4. Enemy fighters'  movement is a bit wobbly when observed up close. I'm not sure if the wingman and your allies share the same issue.

And finally, as someone else stated, frame drops to 40-50 fps are common when flying near the ground.

Nothing else to report, keep up the spectacular work!


Recently played the latest Demo and here'll be my two cents.

Gameplay is really, really fun. On hard mode it's a mix of fun and challenging; as for easy and normal, I never got to try them so I don't know how easy/hard they really are. I like the airships that appeared in the second scenario, and the design reminds me of Ace Combat 6's Agaion and Kottos/Gyges command cruisers. Their presence at first gave me some shock and awe, though I thought they were B-2s at first. Their HPs aren't too bad, just right in terms of their size. The appearance of large numbers of enemies in the last phases of scenario 1 and 2 may give newer players a bit of shock, but Ace Combat players will feel right at home dodging and weaving through enemies and missiles.

The semi-fictional way you named real aircraft kind of weirded me out at first, but then you probably need permission from aircraft companies to use their aircraft names in-game. This may be perhaps your opportunity to create fictional, albeit aerodynamically sound aircraft for the player to use in-game.

In terms of details, it's a big improvement compared to the last demo. Sharper textures all around and much better-looking nozzles (Love what you did with the Flanker's nozzles!). My one complaint is that while the ground textures look much better, they're in need of optimization. Whenever the camera looks down onto the ground, my FPS drops from 70-80+ to 40-50 fps (on a GTX 1060 and i7-6700HQ. 16GB RAM).

Overall, it's a great game with great graphics, though may need some optimization here and there. I'll give it a good 9/10.

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Will my Crappy PC can run this?
Intel Pentium J2900 2.41 GHz (Quad Core)
Integrated Graphics Card (Intel HD Graphics)

Edit: Nvm, it seems I cant run it...

Let me know if you need help building a new PC!

My system is an A10 7860K, With 1 gb of R7 integrated graphics. 8 gb of ram 1866 mhz. The games works in minimus and rounds the 27 to 37 FPS, so its pretty playable (sorry my bad english)

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At 1920x1200(16:10) the plane descriptions in the hangar don't fit on the screen. There's also a misplaced comma in the URKTS description.

It feels a bit weird that the "Multirole" F/A-18 can only mount anti-air weapons while the "Figthter" Flanker can mount bombs and rockets too. Edit: Nevermind apparently you can mount A2G weapons only on the 2nd SP weapon slot.

It would be nice if you added a gamma slider to the graphics options(unless it's there and I missed it). Imo the game is a bit too bright atm. It's very hard to see planes or even your own green reticle when attacking from above and with clouds in the background.

The blur effect looks nice at 20%-30% on the environment but the blurring on the HUD is excessive. Not sure if you can blur that doesn't affect the HUD since it just looks silly to have it blurred. Especially noticeable in 1st person virtual cockpit.

The AI seems competent enough on Hard though the overall difficulty is still rather low due to how much punishment the player plane can take compared to every other plane. Maybe the "Mercenary" difficulty can change that when it's available.

URKTS being able to wreck flying fortresses is a nice touch though.

Overall though I really liked this demo, it was great fun.

Love the new Demo especially the Multirole mission (The epic feeling when you allies and enemies showed up with airships) .

 The clouds however seem lower texture when flying close to (almost as if they are soft rounded blocks) and there is a large frame drop whenever the shock cone forms on the wings of the aircraft when speeding up or turning.(Playing on max setting, GTX 970m)

Hope that there will be a possible wingman attack/defense  and allied attack/defense as there was in ace combat 6. Fingers crossed for modding and map/scenario making tools as well.   Other than that the game is looking stellar so far. Thank you so much for this and cant wait for the Kickstarter.


Beautiful game. Reminds me of the good ol' Ace Combat.


This game is amazing, most fun ever, I just listen to music and shoot down jets, it's very very VERY fun. You did an amazing job. I've beat the game like 2 or 3 times, its hard, and challenging, but really rewarding, the satisfaction of seeing a jet blow up. The graphics are amazing, and the first person camera is beautiful. Cant get enough of your game, thanks so so much!

This game is so fun! It's also very very hard at the end - I had run out of missiles with 5 aircraft to go. It would be nice if the wingman could do something - I flew around for 5 minutes and he shot down no enemies.

The wingman does do something. After the entire level you'll see he might have shot down 1-2 or maybe even 3 aircraft! i know its not a lot, but its mainly about you ay? Because you used alot of missiles if you were out of em! ;P

I do miss a lot.. not sure why.


I don't know if I'm experiencing a bug or if the current version (v0.2.10c) is supposed to only have the Su-27 and one mission that's purely air-to-air combat. What happened to the previous sortie that had a mix of ground and air targets and four planes to choose from?

Speaking which of, I have an older version around (v0.2.1109b) that no longer recognizes my controller and launches SteamVR for some reason. Can you tell me what that's about?

Hey there, that's working as intended. The old mission was removed due to it being unpolished in general and not really in a complete state. It will return at some point.  I hope you understand.

Regarding the controller recognition, it may be that the save files of 0.2.10c is overwriting the one from 0.2.1109b but it doesn't go the other way. To fix this simply go to your /Appdata/Local/ folder and rename the folder "ProjectWingman" to something else. However, once you launch the later versions of Project Wingman you'll have to do these steps again.

Regarding SteamVR, it was a part of the default Unreal packaging plugin which I didn't disable. It has since been disabled for later versions.

Thank you for explaining. Any way I could get a version with the old map that doesn't launch SteamVR? Or are there plans to include a map including ground targets? I really really miss them. :(

Nice game

how can i get the improved mouse setting shown in the video

Should be able to activate it with the 'N' key by default.


I can't put this game down! It's amazing. 

can i play it on 

processor : intel celeron 1019Y

ram : 6 gb

system : windows 8.1 64 bit

gpu : intel hd

That's below minimum specs so I don't think you'll be able to run it. You're welcome to try though. Let me know if you do.

I'm getting fatal errors on launch. I'm on Win10 64 bit and the last few demo's have worked fine

Ignore me, I didn't extract it properly

How can i play Sortie, i can only play one mission that i have completed 5 times now.

it says its missing x3daudio1_7.dll

Hey, could you install the latest version of DirectX and see if that solves the issue? Thanks

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How can i start in my computer??  heelllpppp


Hey there, Which .exe are you launching? Keep in mind the game only supports 64-bit OS at the moment.


What's the name of type of music that plays in the background?




This game is for an Alpha Build very GOOD! Graphics: Gorgeous! (Sorry If I missspelled that) This kinda reminds me of Ace Combat.

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You wanted feedback right?Take this then-

That lag is something which I will avoid as this is an alpha build.....AWESOME....JUST PERFECT...a thing which I was trying to look for- a dog fight simulator.NICE JOB.Just add some more models in your next build, and yes dont forget to optimize this game.

Update 1-Played for 15 mins more and this is my new conclusion(I made a detailed review,please don't faint down reading this)-

1)Texture are kind of not bumped or rather look flat.Also , most graphical setting are pretty useless,for ex-clound render distance and terrain render distance;instead turn both of them them into a single setting-distance render.

2)Settings don't get saved.

3)Need to change the UI , and yes ,keyboard control for menu is a MUST , as some dont like using mouse.

4)Need to add some animations and mechanics LIKE FLAPS OR WINGS MOVING.

5)Three missiles are pretty useless .MAKE THE GAME WITH SIMPLE STUFFS(after all , every missiles folllow the purpose of blasting peoples , right?).Consider upgrading all of your combat system  respectively to this-

i) a counter-measure flare.

ii)a small ranged automatic missile.

iii)a long ranged non-automatic missile.

iv)an aerial combat gun

v)microphone chat(in case if this goes multiplayer)

6)Make a defence base or something like that for IMMERSIVE experience into the world of combat.

7)Key binding are repititive-for example there are three options for Missile launch - one for pc , one unbinded and one for xbox.Kind of confuses the user.

8)Should add support for a super-weak PC like mine[ :-( dont have cash in my pocket ].

9)Maybe add memory dumping??

10)Terrain need new trees and designs.

11)Add mesh to planes , FIX THE CONTROLS and MAKE THE GAME MORE HARDER .

I hope you did finish reading this comment right?Phew.

Thanks for reading.

I agree with some things, but the three kinds of different missiles is something i really like about it, they all have a different way of how to use them.  And for me, the settings do save so i guess you have multiple maps with data or something. ;P

Flares are already in the game - H

If u press Leftclick there is a cannon.

I don't know about the other stuff, but hope you will play some more and understand it a bit more!

Uhm... it lags SOOOOOOOO much. Also, it controls so weird too. Please help.


Hey rb-d2 Great job in the last versions of this game. looks extremely promising so far especially in terms of gameplay and graphics. I have to ask, is there an Eta on your next public release. And a personal question will you think about adding the Jaguar GR1 (ive never seen this great plane in a game before)? Annyway, Great Alpha i love this project!  

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1.BUENO .. GRAFICAMENTE ES MUY REAL TAL VES PUEDAN MEJORARLO MAS, ESO LO SABRAN USTEDES ..PERO POR LO QUE VI ES MUY PROMETEDOR.. Yo por lo general juego en modo simulacion en cualquier juego de aviones por eso jugue siempre dentro de la cabina del avion .  No me gusta ver el avion de atras es muy arcade de esa manera., pero hay personas que si les gusta ... Creo que este juego tienen que llevarlo a modo simulacion puesto que es lo mejor que e visto hasta el momento o ponerle 2 modos arcade y simulacion..Para los que nos gusta ese modo,  que no puedan verlo de atras el avion  en modo simulacion solo en primera persona. Va por buen camino el proyecto .. felicitaciones . 

bueno primera ves que veo este juego ., veremos que tal . si me gusta tienes mi apoyo y lo mas importante una colaboracion al proyecto. OK1.


Hey Game Owner,

ive been playing this game on and off for about 4 months now, and its impecible. I hope you can make some $ off of this to support the game and add new things. After your done building more plane mechanics and all that, when you begin to mess around, maybe add ground vehicles to target, and maybe like 2 armies clashing below the planes.

Something along those broad lines lol just a thought.

Lovely game 10/10



Hi, I really think this game is very promising and truly has a lot of potential. However I've tested the game for myself and ran into some problems. On my laptop i3-4030U, HD 4400, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, the game runs on the lowest settings but everything outside the cockpit is pitch black, HUD lights up and I can see the missiles firing and enemy aircraft exploding. On my desktop i5-3470, RX 460, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 500 GB HDD, the game is all black and I can't see what's going on the screen unless I press Alt-Tab and try to move my mouse cursor frame by frame. I think it might be because I just copied the extracted game on my laptop to my PC and I'm currently playing it on an external HDD. I know this game is in Alpha but I really hope you could have the time to figure out why this happens in the future. Based on the videos this could really get combat flight sims another chance in today's gaming. For a one-man project this has got to be the most impressive sim I found out about. Cheers!


Hey, this is a common error. Could you please disable or whitelist Project Wingman folder from your antivirus and re-extract the game again? Thank you! :) 

There's a common error where truesky files are detected as false positives by some anti-virus which is the reason you see a black sky.

Hello, I disabled Avast! real-time protection on both computers but it's still black on the laptop. I forgot to mention than on the desktop I could see the Su-27 in the Main Menu, Hangar and the multiple view cycle pressing "C" as well, wingman, clouds, terrain and enemy aircraft , just that I have to press Alt+Tab just for the frames to move. I could hear in-game music as well as radio chatter smoothly playing and engine sounds as well but the scene WILL get stuck on whatever is last shown on the screen unless I press Alt-Tab again and again making me do a mandatory slideshow which is quite hilarious as the desktop has way better specs than the laptop but the laptop runs the game fine aside from the surroundings except the cockpit and HUD and UI elements being black. The Main Menu on the laptop is also black. I only get to see the full Su-27 only in the hangar. Cheers for the progress on the game so far!


That's fairly new to me. 

Mind showing me some screenshots on your laptop version? thanks.

For your desktop, try running the game in admin mode and or compatibility mode.

Appreciate your patience, Thanks!


This game is pretty good, battlefield 3 jets but its own game. Don't stop working on it!


Man this game just got funner the more I messed around. Did a few hours of studying dog fighting and missle avoidance and how and when to best fire missles and even memorized angels and rolls I would need to do depending on how far the missle was away and what angle it's coming from.

Gets super fun once you start messing around with thrust (shift and ctrl) and the flaps (q and e).

I't would be nice tho if on the map you got an origin for incomming missles and a line in red where it's been and a white line for where it plans to go to best be able to time it.

And for when it's coming get a distance or countdown. I do like the yellow and red hit indicator to know where it is tho. Makes dodging a bit easier. Took me forever to figure out how to not rely on flares. But after only an hour of playing I'm still not 100% good at evading.

Also I find that the Multi-lock missle is pretty useless for what it does and that amount you can carry. Just best to go with 2 standard and 1 long-range. Then again the long range doesn't have a bunch of missles either...

I tried one run where I stayed with my co-pilot but I died very easily. I find charging the head on when they spawn and firing some long-range missles then switching to standard and going 1200 mph under them is the best way to do it. Then just ctrl and turn around and start taking them from behind. But then you just get into a loop in which case going faster than 400 makes you're turning too slow and if you go below 300 you stall so it's a balance between lining them up to fire the bullets or shells from really close up, think 200 ft?

These speeds and distances might be off this is mainly off of 1 hour of playing and memory. And I'm sure to anyone that knows what they're doing this sounds ridiculous but it worked for me.

Think I read the best way to attack someone is from the side at an elavaded angle to the missle doesn't run out of fuel and can coast down more, so my head-on missles and guns thing is probably a good way to die in real life.

When in cockpit view u can see where the missile is coming from.

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