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Hi, Just downloaded the game and I must say that you've done a great job as an independent developer.  Congratulations on exceeding the funding goals, looking forward to purchasing a copy in 2019. I'd like to make a few suggestions so please bear with me:

1) Please incorporate take offs & landings

2) The multi target long range air to air missiles (the MLAA) tend to miss.. please improve their reliability of scoring a hit and I've noticed even if they're launched head on at an oncoming target they tend to turn around and try to hit the target at the rear (engines) rather than head on. And please make the standard missiles (heat seekers) all aspect. Nowadays most if not all heat seeking missiles are all aspect (i.e. can be launched at an airborne target irrespective of whether its engine exhaust is facing the launching aircraft or not)

3) Please include the following flyable aircraft in the final version:

i) F-14D Super Tomcat

ii) F-15C Eagle

iii) F-15E Strike Eagle

iv) F-16C/E Fighting Falcon

v) F-22A Raptor

vi) Dassault Rafale

vii) Eurofighter Typhoon

viii) AV-8B Harrier II+ (with VTOL ability if possible)

ix) Sukhoi Su-35/Su-37 Super Flanker

x) MiG-35 Super Fulcrum

xi) Mikoyan MFI/1-44

xii) Sukhoi PAK-FA

xiii) JAS39 Gripen

xiv) Mitsubishi F-2A

xiv) S-37 Bekrut

4) You've created 3 weapon slots for each aircraft; That's great! in this way an aircraft can carry a standard air to air weapon, a special air to air weapon and a special air to ground weapon. Brilliant! The full potential of multirole aircraft can now be exploited! This is something the Ace Combat series missed out on  but you've fixed that! Awesome!

5) A Free Flight/ Quick mission editor would be welcome

6) Single missions would also be welcome in addition to a full length campaign.

7) Would it be possible to use the actual names of the aircraft? or some thing like the F-15 Could be just called 'Eagle' or F-15E could just be called 'Strike Eagle' and after all these are military designations and you wouldn't be violating copyrights/trademarks as long as you don't mention the original manufacturer's names....

Thanks for reading such a long comment. Please consider the above. Cheers!

P.S.: Hey I was seriously thinking of funding you on Kickstarter but unfortunately Iam temporarily unemployed at the moment. Hope and pray i get a good job asap so I can fund you too. Thanks again! Cheers!

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1: Take offs are confirmed in PW kick starter trailer
2: My Standard missiles hit target when fired from any axis. So Im not sure if you are targeting the flight lead who will usually evade the missiles.
3: At least a few of those aircraft are being worked on. Their outlines are shown in the kick starter funding page.
5: RB-D2 has responded to free flight in the past and stated he would put it in the game.
7: It's not safe to use names of aircraft  with no licensing arrangements because of potential legal liability.  Your example of F-15  Eagle as it just may seem like a military designation when its really a registered trademark from McDonald Douglas.  

Not trying to interject its just that these questions have been answered before.

Thanks for the heads up and for all the clarifications provided. With regard to #2 I was talking about the special weapons like the MLAA's ( Multi-lock Air to air missiles) as even when they're launched head on at an enemy target headed straight for me; they tend to try and hit the target in the rear (towards the engines) and in most cases miss .. rather than hit the target head on...

Okay.. to make it simpler; If the hit probability of special weapons like Multi-lock Air to air missiles (MLAA'S) could be improved; great

And one more thing. Please could you consider the use of a combination of both chaff and flares for missile countermeasures? Just one button releases both chaff and flares.. thanks.


My computer, CPU: i7-6950X, graphic board: GTX 1080, memory: 32GB, C drive: SSD.

You should be fine.  I'm running this on an i3-3100, GTX  950, 16GB memory, and an HDD.  The SSD'll give you faster load times I believe.

Good morning.
thank you for your comment.
I am a Japanese, I am translating at Google, so I think that the expression is ambiguous, but please.

Hi there, you should be able to run that game fine with that specification.

Google Translate : そのPC仕様でゲームを実行することができます。

Hello. It is Kawashima.
I understood that it was not auto-renewed.
"PROJECT WINGMAN" is interesting. I support you.


Hello. It is Kawashima.
Thank you very much. I will support "PROJECT WINGMAN" from now on.

Just ran the game with a i9-8950HK, 32GB RAM and a 1050ti. 


Very fun!

just a quick qustion how are the graphics lol

I fell in love with this the minute I played one of the early alphas.  This game is truly a piece of art.

Yo buddy still alive? ...


tho  im running it on low everything and getting about 30-40fps but man DOSENT MATTER !! :D


Core i5 7200U


Intel 620 HD Graphics

Absolutely blown away by how good this feels to play! Can't get enough. The controls are heavy but satisfying, giving a great sense of speed and also highlight the differences between the planes. Visuals are top notch as well, weather effects look gorgeous and its so much fun dogfighting in and out of the clouds. Plane models look nice but I mostly play in cockpit view (also nicely modelled). The AI is also surprisingly good, I was getting into rolling scissors with some of them, on the normal difficulty it's actually a decent challenge to shoot them down, and the fights feel drawn out in a good way. The sound I really like as well, but my one suggestion in this department is to have some sort of rattling noise when you fly through the debris cloud of a shot down enemy, like you're hitting tiny bits of plane. Can't wait to see where this goes!

differences? they fly and turn exactly the same, only difference being the flanker having a higher top speed.

Really? They felt different to me! Placebo is a powerful thing I guess.

Got a question as a father of young kids - is this a game with a lot of swearing and I won't be able to have around my 6 and 8 year old? I don't need some hot-shot wingman dropping the f-bomb around them. And no swearing would be a great deal to me so I could let me kids enjoy this game.

No swearing that I could hear, nothing worse than a damn anyway. Ace Combat was always fairly clean, and this seems to stick to that.

umm not true. One enemy yells oh SHIIITTTT as hes being blown up in 0.4.0b mission 3. but its not noticable and no text on screen to indicate it. Honestly sir you got nothing to worry about you can change the voices to 0 volume so you cant hear anyone talk if you think something may slip. This is a war game though. People routinely curse in war. Not meaning to down play but if someone gets shot down in a multimillion tax payer dollar state of the art fighter jet. Their last words better be FUCKING MUTHERFUCKER! lol

Oh yeah I forgot about that! I thought they yelled it as they jumped out of a plane but I might be wrong. Doesn't it also cut off so it's more of a oh shhhhiii?

No F-bombs as far as I've found.  And as others have mentioned you can disable the voices.  Not that it's any of my business, but I think it's great that you're encouraging your kids to use polite language.

Thanks for all of the replies. I'm downloading it right now and I will play through it with the voices sound off when my kids are watching my play. They are excited for it based on the trailer.


I really liked the game, the mobility, the graphics, the models, the action, everything very beautiful and nostalgic. I remember the time I played ace combat, aero elite, energy airforce and air force delta strike. a question I'd like to ask, wondering if Project Wingman is an alternate reality like most aerial combat games on ps2. Ever thought of creating a modernized cockpit for fighters without the HUD structure?
some modern fighters do not have the hud reflector bracket on the dashboard because they have the display directly on the helmet, cleaning up some of the cockpit vision. By creating an idea of a modernized hunting plane you can rearrange the panel in the way you find most comfortable.

Sorry for any writing errors, I'm using google translator.

Looks very fun! Does it support TrackIR yet?

It's only demo, but pretty "WooHoo!!!" enough for now.
Weather effects is awesome - good to know not only Project Aces succeed in that feature.
I think this project have all chances to beat many current modern air combat arcades (comparison with Ace Combat is a guestion, but still better than JASF, Vector Thrust etc.)

I have a problem: "project Wingman Kickstarter Demo 0.4.0b/Engiune/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin is missing"

and "Your application is build to load cooked content. No Cooked content was found"

Now, this is jet fighting!


XD your reaction on the video photo... cringe


:D I just thought it was funny, nothing personal

Controls seem to change themselves, sometimes yaw bindings just stop working, camera moves along with pitch and roll and unable to fix, generally takes 15 minutes to actually make game playable.

After then that works fine other


Mr. Rahmani, all I can say is thank you.  Your skill as a gamemaster parallels that of Namco's Project Aces in every way.  I was wondering if you would be interested in creating the first flight game with the Avro CF-105 Arrow in it.  If you include the Arrow, this will instantly become one of the most popular games in Canada.  It is a dream for so many Canadians to fly the Arrow and a game that includes it cannot fail.  It would make you a folk hero in Canada, I can guarantee you that.

with story line and fps talks walks on hangars this game would be awesome. do not make only flying game. put some work and make story line.

hey, just wanted to ask if a PS4 controller is compatible with the game yet


I believe it is natively supported even though I did not see it mentioned in the settings. I can attest I was extremely surprised when I noticed the DS4 rumbling. 
Since update release 1 I have been using the DS4 through steam which supports it natively as well. You can button map all the PS4 controls through steam and play exactly like Ace Combat on consoles.

Short answer yes. One way or another. 

alright thanks :)

how ?

Just wanted to quickly say great work on this latest demo version! The new mission is nicely put together, well paced, and the voice acting and dialogue in it fit well. The Viggen is a great addition too. The model for it looks really nice, and it's a blast to fly.

Compliments on the soundtrack for the new mission too. It has a very distinct feeling to it compared to the other two missions, whose tracks were definitely good but didn't stand out from each other as well. The new track, plus the desert biome help give this mission its own character which I think is quite important.

Only bug I ran into while playing was the one I mentioned in my previous comment where the camera sometimes doesn't reset properly after tracking a target and ends up pointing at an odd angle from the plane (one time almost 90 degrees straight up). Other than that, gameplay was very smooth and solid for me.

Very excited to see where this game goes from here. Keep it up!

Awesome job! Loving the game so far, contributed to the kickstarter. Keep up the great work!

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this game lags on my pc,anybody have a solution for this?

i played alpha version

There's not much you can do atm, but maybe if you have a really good computer, you wouldn't have that problem. Other than that, you might try lowering settings.

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I can play this game all day

I just can not stop

Okay, I've made a walkthrough video of this magnificent game on my low end laptop, there's some bugs and "very hurt" lags and stuttering for those who already luckily played the game with very good performance, in that video, I can't reach more than 35 FPS, it's occasionally dropped to 19-24 FPS even worse, so check it out.

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Supports fully rebindable controls for Joystick and HOTAS users.

but it doesnt appear to detect my Logitech flightstick :(

Update: Tried with another game DCS then tried with Project Wingman again and its detecting :)

Hello. I tried playing the game but after I choose my aircraft and clicked "Launch", after the loading screen, a message box shows up saying "The UE4-Project Wingman has crashed and will..." with the words "fatal error" below, with just a black screen and it goes back to desktop. The game is crashing everytime I get to play and I tried everything to solve but nothing. What should I do?? I want play this demo so bad and  you guys deserve the support. Please I need help.

My specs: NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Intel Core i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00 GHz, 8,00 RAM.

Open the downloaded game folder

Navigate to Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us

Then install the UE4Prereq setup

I had the same problem as you

This game is awesome, captures the feel of Pre-AH Ace Combat nicely! A bit of feedback from me though:

1) Support for Track IR would be nice. Though it's mostly to tie me down until I get a Vive.

2) Since we get an absurd amount of missiles and bombs, how about infinite or increased ammo for the guns? I get the most satisfaction using those to chase down enemy fighters, but I find myself running out of ammo for it too soon.

3) Will we see an emblem creator? It'd be cool to stick custom markings and paint jobs on our jets.

Keep up the great work!

Demo refuses to acknowledge either of my Logitech Dual Actions that work perfectly outside of it. Fix please.

The gameplay is great, the graphics are gorgeous and the soundtrack fits the game very well . The story sounds alot like a mix of both Ace Combat: Skies of Deception and Joint Assault, so im super hyped. Also good job on the solid keyboard and mouse controls dev.

Really really love the game. It feels so good even on mouse and keyboard. It runs amazing even though I don't have a monster rig. My one critique is to get the sound of missile launch a little more visceral. I know it may not be realistic, but I felt that launching a missile should have more of an effect. Other than that really amazing game.

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I can't wait to play this game with VIVE!!!!!!


same brother. vr + flightstick will be mint

Hey developers. my game wont download, got any idea why?

What error you getting?

Same here :(

Hey guys! Send me an email over at and i'll send over a alternate link for you :)

This game looks really awesome! I like the feeling that the trailer gave off. It reminds me a bit of an Ace Combat game.


Really nice. The desert mission really made me feel like playing an AC game but not 100% the same which is of course good. I like that it feels a bit different. As other people said "slower" which seems fitting in a good way. 


A little suggestion from my side:

I have seen it in many flight games that whenever you down a larger aircraft being it a transporter or a huge air fortress gunship. that they crash into the ground and boom - gone. Isn't it possible to at least add tiny low poly debris pieces and a scorch mark texture to the ground with emitting smoke particles? It would make the battlefield feel alive after a large battle. I noticed it especially on the desert map when the gunship exploded in such a cool way just to go poof and gone into the ground without a trace. I think planes this size should leave a bit of a mark and performance impact should be minimal if you leave this effect to large gunships only.


Hey, love the trailer and the whole aspect of the game. If you could add some wider platform support (Apple Please?) That would be amazing. Can't wait to see this become a full game!

This is a great game.I played the version 0.3.5,but when i tried out the 0.4 I couldnt open the launcher.It said"Failed to open descriptor file ../../..ProjectWingman/ProjectWingman.uproject"

It would be nice if I could get Help.

Keep up the great work!

Hi,it's my pleasure to play this fantastic SLG game. As a fan of ACECOMBAT,it's very surprised to me that here comes this game.

For me ,I think I am the first student in high school  from China to leave a comment to you.This game is the best game I have played during these years.,thank you,Mr.RB-D!

Also, if you're looking for Chinese translation, contact me.Although my English is not as well as others,I still want to do something for the Chinese fans of your game.

At last,thank you so much,to show us such a wonderful game!

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This game is pretty good in overall gameplay and graphic, the scenery is good at high altitude but in low altitude need a lil bit of work tho (is a high altitude fight tho, so who cares), the cockpit palceholder need a bit of improvement in the instrument sector, etc, but the HUD is pretty sick XD..

The control is pretty clunky for keyboard+mouse but at some time its pretty fine. And just spotted some sound laggy issues in a game after a short gameplay, the sound fx is still playing even i pausing the game or alt+tab it.

and I dont know if this a performance issue or what but why my FPS is locked at 27-30fps only, even when in another game i could play it in butter smooth..

owh owh, and the weather (raindrop effect) on cockpit glass is frikin sexy ..

Overall : 8/10 

Keep the Good Job Dev.!!

Game runs just great! R5 1600 + Vega 56 with performance metrics in video. 

The game keeps getting better and better with every updated version. I can't put into words how exhilarating the desert mission was to hear all the comms chatter while diving into the fray. Getting "Ace Combat Zero" Feels all over again! For the love don't stop developing this! I don't want to see another game disappear into obscurity like "Vectored Thrust" did.

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