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AWESOME! I loved it, congrats to the team


Hello, I simply loved your work and waiting for it to improve even more. But I have some requests and I believe all these can improve your game. Can you add free-ride into the game? No enemies or anything, just the pure joy of fighter jets. And please add more fighters and maps. Like some snowy map,  a desert, or a city. Keep up the good work. This is it, chief!

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This game has continued to be superb.  The only thing that I seem to have a problem with is is the conquest mode, as I find it irritatingly hard and even impossible to beat.  Perhaps you could add in a save button to be able to go back to later if you fail?  Or is that a part of the game that you intended to fit into the roguelike genre?

When will this be coming to Mac cause when it does, me and my friends will most definitely be playing this a lot as we only play war thunder and are looking for good modern day combat sims

also do y’all have ps4 or any type on controller capability or switch over ? 

The game has full controller compatibility. You'll just have to rebind it yourself in the options.

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this is my first time hearing about this game !!!! Downloading it now lol btw from the videos I’ve seen....this game is AMAZING! Like wow I love it ....keep it coming !

Hello,im amazed with your demo right here!, im using A 4gb RAM with I5-8250U CPU with MX150 GPU laptop , And i play this game preety much no Frame drop with custom settings . The utilization of this game is superb , i dont get it why the minimum requirement is quite demanding . but so far with a GT1030/MX150 ican play this at medium to high ( with custom Very high setting for texture)  settings at 768p . Well done to the developer who made this game! If this game release next year , im happily givin my money :D

I downloaded the 0.4.5 build and tried rebinding my keys, every time I try and rebind my pitch to up and down on the keyboard the game keeps binding them to mouse x as soon as I change screens, it does this every time and I haven't found a way to stop it.

Hi there, I can't seem to replicate this issue. Which keyboard do you have?

a cougar 700K, I don't think i've ever had similar issues with rebinding keys for other games

Okay, I just tried the game today and it seems to have fixed itself, no idea why, I think I'll just put it down to my computer being weird, it seems to has a mind of its own sometimes

Glad to hear it's solved! I'll try to look into it regardless.

Very fun demo indeed. Looking forward to some kind of multiplayer!


I love this game... but if you added multiplayer i would pay 100$ for this game


This game looks so freaking amazing! Beutiful visuals and its got one of the best HUDs I've ever seen! The little details like the missile trails to the explosions are fantastic, plus the ability to look at your targeted enemy by holding down the target button is brilliant. 

As an Ace combat fan, I really do wish the Ace Combat games would look as good as this one, as mechanics and visuals like this are something I expect off a AAA company. I do hope you guys continue developing this game and turning it into a masterpiece!

I'd like to ask if you guys have a donation link of some sort? Or has that closed down, I'm new to this website and I made an account in the anticipation of donating to your team!

Best wishes for your game!

Hello, since update 0.4.5 i've got a crash when ever i try to launch a mission, it says " Fatal error" the game worked pretty well on update 0.4.1

i've got I7 8700K - 32 GO RAM - Nvidia 1070 GTX

I don't know what to do. 

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I got in touch with Robin8630 and we've solved the issue.

If anyone is having issues with fatal error crashing. Be sure to run the UE4 Prerequisites located within the game folder in "Project Wingman 0.4.5\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us"


I really love this game 

Great work!


I discovered this marvelous gem very recently and I love it so far. AC feeling is totally there and your music choice is perfect. I have few questions though...

Have you considered a Replay option for the final release (or even before within an update) ?

Is the final list of jets already defined (Su-35S, F-22, Rafale...) ?

Can we hope for a progression saving system for conquest mode in a (relatively) near future ?

Again, wonderful job guys, a real pleasure to fly and blow things up in your game, thank you !


Hey, after playing the latest demo, i noticed that the motion blur was affecting the ui, making it blurry when theres motion. 

Can you fix it, or is it my system fault? 

tone down motion blur or just turn it off. 

Its not the latest version its been there since 0.3.9 most people just turn it off. I hope per object motion blur is added to the game before it released. 

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Over all its a great and wonderful game but you should make the mouse more responsive, and make it easier to navigate through the menu( i got confused on what to do to start the game) add arrows i guess


Is it possible to introduce Chinese?

This game is loved by Chinese players.

Join online mode and Chinese 


A message from Chinese players

After starting scenario or conquest game crash

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You've done it again with another fantastic update.

I'm running out of nice things to say about this game. Even if the actual playable content in this update is largely the same as the previous one, it still feels like a distinct step up in quality. The game already felt stable, and aside from one bug (that I'll mention later) I ran into no issues with this version either. Performance-wise I don't really know whether this demo really changed much (I got a couple of drops below 60 fps that I didn't notice before, but on the whole it was still very smooth at max settings), but in general I really liked this update just like all the ones before it. Great work!

First touching on the positives: I like the changes to conquest mode. The unified hangar with the scenarios is a big plus, as well as adding proper mouse support to the Conquest menu. Shifting it to air-to-air only makes sense, because honestly I only ever went for the air targets in the previous version anyway since the ground targets were so spread out. If you do add multirole modes to Conquest in the future, I would recommend grouping the ground targets up in bases and outposts that are actually worth the time to fly to and destroy, or maybe convoys of vehicles moving around the map would be cool. I'm sure you have plenty of ideas on that front. Also, the change to the final boss feels good IMO. I tried soloing the final Conquest mission a couple of times in the previous version and the virtually aimbot hitscan railguns nailed me with their entire volley both times no matter how hard I dodged, so the slowdown to the projectiles was a good call I think. They might even be a tiny bit too slow now, since I have yet to be hit by them after the change, but I haven't done a solo run yet so maybe they're actually good enough as is (plus, as soon as they spawned I was looping like a maniac, and I was using the Hornet, so I might not have given them a proper chance). Also, I like the updates to the sound design: The pings of bullet impacts are a very good touch.

Biggest plus for me: the guns. Just yes. I've only actually been hit by an AI fighter's gun one time, but from an aesthetic perspective alone they make a world of difference. Dogfights feel more dynamic and exciting, and it makes things look really cinematic sometimes when you look into a big tangle of fighters and see tracers going everywhere. Really glad you added this.

Now for cons: not much really. The only bug I ran into was a case of a fighter diving a few thousand feet underground on Operation Blackout (but it came back, so it's not a full game-breaker). Otherwise, I don't really have anything to complain about in this one (aside from maybe the same comment on the AA guns that I mentioned last time; they still don't feel like a very big threat). The only suggestion I would really make is one that was mentioned already by someone else: A more defined jet roar when other fighters pass you would really add to the immersive feeling of the game, as well as being able to hear the enemy's gun when they do a close pass.

That's all I've got. Great work again to you and your team, and I will be eagerly awaiting the 1.0 release in May.

As a parting note, here's a little montage I made as a bit of a tribute to the new demo. Keep up the great work!

I love this game. After playing Ace Combat 7 for myself, I am so happy this game exists. The things I have been praying to see in Ace Combat 7 don't appear like they will make it to the game. But Project Wingman has them and then some. What is being done with the HUD is my absolute favorite feature. I love being able to turn off almost everything and just go completely triangle hold. I really think that if the minimalist HUD had a small (life-like) medium and large option it would be perfect.

The AI is finally perfect in my point of view. Having the enemy try to nail you with cheap cannon shots before the merge is so satisfying. It seems hyper real. I love the accuracy of the AA from the HVT. Now keeping my distance is actually in my thought process while engaging them. Instead of just oh here we go again with these guys. I especially enjoy learning the different styles brought by specific formations. This game has gotten so deep and I can't believe its come so far. 

The only things I think still needs some polish are the graphics. In this update I don't know whether I like how the F-18 looks in the hanger, something just feels off about it like the textures are too soft. The SU and the Viggen dont give me that vibe. IDK. But I think the motion blur needs to be per object having it blur the hud too doesn't really work for me so Its been off practically since 0.3. I think the font of the subtitles needs some help. But besides those minor gripes. I love the game. Would purchase on multiple platforms even if it released in this form with only a few more jets. Thank you for the hard work. 

PS. Post processing is messing with the textures on the F-18. It looked better in the previous launch. But I think the frame rate is higher in the new version. 

OS Window 7

dualshock 4 controller with DS4window v1.5.8

I was able to use my controller during setting up the game in setting menu for the first time launching the game. However, I accidentally closed the DS4window and the controller disconnected. After connect the controller back, the controller doesn't work on the game anymore even i installed the game and DS4window. Is there anything wrong or did i missed anything?

Try inputmapper

It works with IM!

thank you so much for the help

its a real good game and i did not thing it wa going to run so well on my computer i have a gtx 1050 and a core i3

Feels like game died after kickstarter. No twitter posts, no replies. Looks like will have to wait for ac7 after all =(

Check out the discord.

just came here to say i love the demo and cant wait to buy this game its simply perfect (this coming from the guy who still has F16 mrf installed on his pc) the game works brilliantly on my system so issue's encountered at all (ryzen 1700, gtx 1080, 16 gb ram ) will be doing a 4k run this weekend. and yes i'm recommending this game to all my friends (all 3 of them [just kidding) hope to see a co op and custom match mode it would simply let me and my friends have a blast. if you are considering co op please dont limit it to just 2 or 4 players make it so 16 or even 32 players can dish out some serious pain on the enemy bots and give us the ability to control the waves and the number of bots per wave or even have multiple objectives like base bombing or distant sam site raids so that it doesn't get monotonous in a single match. but from what ive seen till now you have managed to keep the base assault mission pretty well balanced with various objectives so cheers mate.

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GTX 1080Ti low gpu utilization when used with X360CE Emulator with MS Sidewinder FF2 Joystick  and FFB Vibration active.

Hi I Have Low GPU Utilization (GTX 1080Ti) and Between 42 - 50 fps when i use X360ce.exe (xbox 360 Gamepad Emulator) with this game, if i delete X360 Emulator files of folder of the game, or relaunch de x360ce emulator after the game launch the FPS is unlocked to 90 - 120 fps but the vibration disappear. 

I want joystick ffb vibration and unlocked fps at the same time.

How i can fix this problem ?

You could try mapping the controller inside steam as a gamepad. And then launch the project wingman.exe from the steam library. 

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I use MS Side Winder FF2 joystick with the x360ce for the vibration in afterburner flight because this joystick have forcefeedback. If I open the emulator file again after the game launch this retain mapping axes and buttons (and works good), the 42-55 fps lock disappear but the FFB vibration disappear too. I like have FFB vibration and unlocked fps at the same time. Look like of the x360ce emulator lock the fps to 42-50 fps when vibration is active. And I don't know how fix this.

is there any way i can get the soundtrack for this game? please reply to this comment if developer and can help

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FIRST  i thank the Developer for this masterpiece.

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME PLAY IT!!!! Icannot Open the exefile.

My PC:  i7 CPU 920; 2x 2,67; Turbo.       8GB Ram.   Win10. DirectX12.  Asus  NVIDIA GeForce 720.

This Computer is exactly 4 Days Old!!!

What i have done:

- Defender and Firewall Down ( exeption for exe file added in prior, but still not opening)

- In Regedit as Admin, i checked value for exefile in ROOT folder , i also checked the "%1"%* in the subfolder exfile 

- Cmd run as admin then set user to admin.

-i tried the compatibility as Win8 for the exefile...

- XAPOFX1_5.dll was asked at first, then i installed both versions 32bits and 64bits in both Windows folder.  After that came the error 0xc000007b.

-Following the 0x000007b opening problem,I came on a post saying to add many dll files like (mfc100.dll-mfc 100u.dll-msvcp 100.dll-msvcr100.dll-msvcr_clr0400.dll-xinput1_3.dll) into the Win32 folder and also the 64bits version of the 4 last dll files above into the Win64 folder.

After that i started the exefile and was promt to download U4 Prerequesite : ( Netframework 4 and Directx...)

Then nothing.

- I read somewhere to uninstall all Microsoft visual c++, i reinstall. I did it then, the computer was not working well anymore, while trying to open other exefiles.

- I was obligated to completely reinstalle my Win10 

- Win10  new again and i am back to square one with the first problem: XAPOFX1_5.dll missing.

- I have tried many thing from the Internet, still not opening that Project wigman file.  

Same thing happening on my Gaming Laptop: i5 CPU 8gen,  16GB Ram, 1 TB Ram,  Intel UHD 620 Graph. Card, Win10

THis Gaming Laptop is also 4 days old.

So how do get out of this s*****

I appreciate your help.


install UE4 prerequisites.     qui download  file,,,,

hi, the files you mention take them from the internet (google search) XAPOFX1_5.dll 32 and 64 bit depending on your system, or both and put them in the c: \ windows \ system32 folders and also in c: \ windows \ sysWOW64 and see if it solves the problem ,,, regarding vcredit take care to have on the pc vcredit 2012-2013-2015 32 and 64 bit

if, then, you should close ajuntive dll always take them from the site with the search and put them in the folder of the game where you have executable .exe of the game

ciao spero ti risolva :))

Thank you both for your Help.

It finally works. I downloaded the XAPOFX1_5 and then i downloaded a new copy of the Game and started it.

Amazing game, been looking for a good combat flight sim for a while and this has fulfilled that need ten times over even though it's just a demo so far!

I love this game its so well put together some minor things could be put in like checkpoints(need those) but all together its a really good game

Really amazing game! Unguided rockets work surprisingly well against air targets, and it's extremely fun using guns without the lead pip! I just wish I had some kind of headtrack gear and the experience would be perfect.


WOW!!!! What a great game! I can't wait to see how it grows. Thank you for implementing support for flight sticks right from the start, and making such an accessible modern flight sim style game. I am a hardcore flight sim fan. Been playing flight sims since MS flight sim 1.0 and have played them all. This is excellent work!!!

You have single handedly restored my faith in Flight Sim developers.

The game is gourgeous. The only thing i cannot solve is the movement of the camera, I play with keyboard and mouse, i changed the settings of the movement controls but i can't unbind the camera. 

u can play better with ps4 controller rather than mouse and keyboard, just like u play ac in playstation

i don't have a ps4 lol, i bought the computer instead ;)

Amazing. I love how joystick controls are available but keyboard controls aren't just shat on. Smooth and easy to use. Intuitive. Took me about 30 seconds to get the controls down. Very fun. Great music too.

The weather in this game is so fantastic.  The tension of going from blue sky above the clouds to the dark storm below the cloud layer is so thrilling.

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